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Creating Multimedia Masterclasses

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Join us for a special programme of free Creating Multimedia activities and workshops designed to support students (and their teachers) enrolled in their Cambridge National in Creative iMedia qualification and give younger students a taste of the course content. We’ll feature industry experts from film, television and gaming, and take your students through projects to help them gain skills relevant to their course.

We encourage you to sign up all your students for our Introduction to Creating Multimedia event and then register for the individual sessions that interest your students and relate to their projects.

Students do not need to register with us directly. You, as a teacher, can register your class/year group for each event. You will be sent the links to the sessions before each event which you can share with your students through your usual channels.

If the timings don’t work for your school, or if you can’t join the sessions live, don’t worry! All sessions will be available for playback until the end of the course and you can even send us questions beforehand for our experts to answer.

All our tutorials will use free software, or software with a free trial, and all the software we’ll be using has been approved by OCR for use as part of the module and qualification.

We will let you know more details ahead of each session.

TeenTech Masterclasses Live offers:

  • An exciting range of sessions that resonate with young people, including app and game development, augmented reality, coding games, website design, animation, and more!
  • Opportunities to connect with people working in the creative media industry. On recent sessions, we've had special guests from Ubisoft, Bloc Digital, Aardman, BBC, Channel 4, Industrial Light and Magic, Disney, South Central Institute of Technology, and more!
  • Opportunities to develop skills which students, as well as industry, recognize as key to their future.
  • Ways to enrich lessons in science, computing, maths, animation, web design, design and technology.
  • A safe, interactive platform.
  • Cross-curricular learning.
  • Flexibility – sessions work well whether students are in school watching as a class or group or watching from home.
  • A valuable network of industry contacts.


  • Very or somewhat interested in a career in Design, Technology and Engineering grew from 55% to 86%.

  • Feeling capable of having a career in those areas grew from 61% to 80%.

  • Our impact is long-lasting, schools working with TeenTech report more students choosing STEM subjects,(one reported a 300% increase over 5 years, another in Physics from 43% to 87.5%) and the teachers said they felt better placed to provide context for learning after running our project.

After having my own art and illustration business and now teaching ICT and iMedia, this is right up my alley. There isn't much online resource-wise for iMedia so these sessions are so beneficial for teachers and pupils alike. Thank you!


Very inspirational for our students. Seeing professionals within the industry shows them what is possible and that they can achieve their dreams.