Best Use of AI

✔ For students in years 7-11
✔ For students in years 12-13

The sponsor for Best Use of AI is Shared Services Connected Limited (SSCL).

The arrival of Chat GPT aroused lots of interest in artificial intelligence last year, and so we have a new category which will reward students with projects which incorporate an aspect of artificial intelligence.  

Familiar examples of AI include Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, IBM Watson, and autonomous vehicles. 

There are many ways AI can be used:  

Speech Recognition
Speech to text and intelligent summaries of speech. TeenTech saw an exciting demonstration of this where medical consultations were summarised automatically, to save laborious writing up of notes.  

Personalised Recommendations
This could be for sites which sell products. A grocery, music or media site might understand your preferences and suggest other products for you.  

Computer Vision
AI can interpret images – so it can be used to identify people or patterns. It can be used to quickly interpret imagery – providing assistive technology in cars or supporting doctors in recognising medical abnormalities, or quickly spotting wildfires before they take hold.  

We won’t expect you to build the technology, but you could suggest how it might be used and consider ethical implications.  

How can you ensure the technology works safely and fairly for everyone?  

You can choose to enter a project in this specific category, or if you are submitting the project to a different category – for instance Patient Safety or Creative and Digital Media  – you should include a clear paragraph on How my idea would use AI so that we can also consider you for this award.