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TeenTech CEO Maggie Philbin has been  invited to lead the UK Digital Skills Task Force  who will work together to  produce a report in June 2014 to inform policy makers from all political parties on the best ways to address the digital skills shortage across all industries.

Maggie feels it is important that the voices of young people are heard in this report so a young persons’ advisory group (students, apprentices and young people seeking work) is being brought together to inform the thinking and help shape the approach.

In addition, every UK school is invited to nominate two young Digital Leaders to help with the report and spread the message about the industries of the future. Digital Leaders will not only help us to gather information on young people’s thinking but can also suggest ideas and produce pieces of work which we can include in the reports. As a first step – please register your interest on the form below and we’ll provide further details.

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