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    Thanks for being interested to participate in the TeenTethics project! It’ll be a fantastic opportunity for you to share your excitement about being an engineer with young people in schools. Alongside members of the project team, you will engage with teenagers to explore and understand tricky ethical issues that challenge researchers and innovators every day. Please provide us with your details in the form below. If you have any questions, please visit https://teentech.com/contact/.

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    Photographs and videos taken at this event will be used by TeenTech Charity, Scienta Scripta, Royal Academy of Engineering for the purposes of promoting TeenTethics on our websites, brochures, social media, TeenTech Flickr album, in fundraising resources and in national and local press. The organisers of the event will also use and hold images and these will be held in accordance with the appropriate data protection procedures. Attending companies and volunteers may request permission to use these images in connection with TeenTech . No image will be sold or made available to any third party for any other purpose. Please confirm that you are happy to appear in any event photographs or videos. You may subsequently ask us to discontinue using your picture or to remove any photograph from our website or TeenTech Flickr site by emailing [email protected].

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    Please let us know which activities you would like to support. We reserve the right to select from the pool of registered participants for activities and event with limited capacity.

    Note: The TeenTethics Training Day will include input from ethicists and young people, activities to help you tell your engineering stories to young people, and a rapid prototyping challenge to help develop schools resources and activities to support in-school TeenTethics days.

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