What a fabulous day!

Many of the UK’s top technology companies were at the Madejski Stadium on Friday to show teenagers how careers in Science, Engineering and Technology can be cool. Students from 30 schools met the people behind their favourite gadgets and gizmos and also had the chance to consider whether they wanted join them in shaping the science and technology of tomorrow.

If you came along, check out our picture library and show your friends what you got up to.

TeenTech founder Maggie Philbin said “The day was a huge success. It’s so rewarding to see students arrive with tired images of what they think scientists are all about and leave buzzing with ideas, talking about what they could be doing in the future.

A survey carried out by TeenTech, showed how many of the 13/14 year old students changed their outlook at a crucial time when they’re beginning to think about GCSE choices.

At the beginning of the day,  58% said they thought scientists were clever, boring and not well paid .  But, by the end of the day, 82% said they thought scientists were clever, interesting and well paid.

Amanda Richards from the Berkshire Education Business Partnership, said she felt a  great sense of optimism for young people attending TeenTech, “To have so many interesting, talented people in this one space genuinely enthusing about their industries and giving the students something really tangible to think on was very exciting.  I am proud to have played some part in helping to make this happen”

The students were divided into teams of 10, each led by an ‘Ambassador’ from the world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, who was always on hand to answer students’ questions, chat about their experiences and help to break down any stereotyping.


Students designed roller coasters,took apart mobile phones and learnt about the engineering behind  interactive gaming and 3DTV. In the name of science and engineering, they rode bob sleigh simulators, climbed a telegraph pole and even held a hissing cockroach. They handled  the latest broadcast equipment  and interviewed each other in the stands, learnt how computer chips are made  (in factories which have to be 10,000 times cleaner than any hospital) and how to turn sand into silicon.

Ross Wilson, Chairman of Institute of Directors (Berkshire) said,  “There’s a fantastic buzz here.  I remember when I was this age but I lived in Lanarkshire and the only industry there was the steelworks.  It is superb that 12/13 year olds get this kind of experience, the engagement between business and students is absolutely vital.”

Jocelyn Lomer from the Institution of Engineering and Technology said ” Increasingly these youngsters are realising both the innovative wealth creating and career opportunities associated with Engineering and Technology. TeenTech is superb in delivering an immersive quality that is available in no other way. I would reccommend TeenTech to all parties whether in business or education”



Rose interviews Park House School


If you came along, let us know what you enjoyed the most. Did the day change your mind about scientists, engineers and technologists?

And if you did come, you probably want to join us and say a huge thank you to all the companies who made it happen.

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