TeenTech is celebrating three years in Kent today with a brilliant event at The River Centre in Tonbridge. Thirty schools and over 130 scientists, engineers and technologists from a wide range of industries are gathered for a day of challenges and experiments. Leading the app session today are Ali Maggs from Chaos Created and Liz Rice from Tanktop TV and among the companies joining are Activ Robots, BAE Systems, Cummins,, JVC, Megger Instruments Ltd, Microsoft, NHS, Pfizer Parmaceuticals Ltd, Robot Science Club, Royal Navy, Samsung, Southern Water Services, The Smallpeice Trust, UK Power Networks, University of Kent


Some tech from Samsung captivates students

Anne McNulty from Kent EBP who partner to deliver TeenTech in Kent says “It’s terrific to work together to create an event like this. TeenTech  offers a ‘deep dive’ into science and technology which is a stand out experience for students, teachers, companies and for everyone involved in making it happen.We’re already looking forward to next year!

The enthusiasm and focus of teenagers when it came to some of the challenges was impressive. Building generators to power lighthouses, testing their sense of smell to see if they could match a sniffer dog or using sophisticated software to create visual effects – the students experienced a wide range of technology, science  and engineering. Voting buttons showed a big swing towards careers in engineering by the end of the day.

As always, the Ideas wall or the Ideas Fountain as it is in Kent is crammed with awesome ideas…it’s going to be very tough to judge but here’s one of my favourites ….



A massive vote of thanks to EBP Kent, all the participating companies and the wonderful teenagers whose enthusiasm was infectious.