It’s a big day for TeenTech on July 14th. Our first event outside the Thames Valley takes place at the KC Stadium in Hull. At the moment flight cases are littering the floor, as the very latest technology  pours into the Insight Exhibition Zone ready for companies like Cisco, JVC and Google to impress 300 Humberside students not only with their latest advances but with the tempting career paths open to them.

Students will also learn about routes into technology careers that don’t involve degree courses. NOISE will be launching their new apprenticeships in home technology, British Gas will explain their schemes can be a powerful launch pad and The Welding Institute will challenge out-dated pre-conceptions about their industry. We’re looking forward to this – they’re going to be welding in chocolate 🙂

Over in the Innovation Zone, we’re really lucky to have award winning app producers Dave Addey from Agant and Alyson Fielding from Pyuda running the Design an App session. Responsible for apps as diverse as UK Train Times, Harry Hill’s Joke Book  and Malcolm Tucker, they’ll be asking the students to work in teams to brainstorm ideas and one lucky school will win a day’s seminar to help turn their app into reality.A massive thank you to Apps For Good who have provided support materials.

Up in the VIP boxes lining the football pitch, experiments and hands activities will help students understand the practical application of the Science and Technology they learn at school. The Smith Institute will demonstrate the role maths plays in keeping deep sea divers alive,  The University of Hull will show teenagers how the very latest state of the art visualisation technology helps with everything from understanding dinosaurs to practising delicate medical procedures and students will  don hard hats and high visibility jackets as they appreciate the emerging needs of the construction industry with Yorbuild

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. We’re delighted to have talent and technology from these companies:BAE Systems, BBC, British Computer Society, British Gas, Balfour Beatty, CATCH, Cisco, Cobus Communications, Communique, DASA, Google, Grimsby Institute (Engineering Dept) Hedon Salads, HETA/Smartwind, Humber Training Group, ICE, IET,  IT at Spectrum, KC, NOISE, Novartis, OkiDoke Media, RAF, Smith Institute for Mathematics and System Engineering, Think Zero, The University of Hull and The YORbuild Framework

All we need now are the students!

It’s going to be a brilliant opportunity for thirty schools to taste the future. If you live in the Humberside area watch out for live reports from the event on BBC News and radio throughout the day.