Our TeenTech event days open students’ eyes to the possibilities of careers in science, engineering and technology at all levels. We dispel pre-conceptions and help young people see why they might want to play a very real part in these industries. Every event brings together 30-50 schools and 150-200 engineers, scientists and people working in tech for a carefully timetabled day of challenges and experiments.

If you would like to participate as a school, company or sponsor do get in touch : [email protected]

You can read feedback from our stakeholders at the end of the post.

Our programme for 2016 is:

TeenTech South Yorkshire – Doncaster Racecourse March 3

TeenTech Galway – March 8th 2016

TeenTech Manchester – April 27th 2016

TeenTech Solent May 19th 2016

TeenTech Hampshire – June 16th 2016

TeenTech Awards – (final) June 20th 2016

TeenTech Humber – July 6th 2016

TeenTech City of Tomorrow – Bristol and West Region – July 12th 2016

TeenTech Telford October 11th 2016

TeenTech North Wales – October 2016

Teentech West – October 2016

TeenTech Surrey – November 2016

TeenTech City – January 12th 2017

Feedback from our stakeholders: 

The real benefit of involvement in TeenTech is that students get the opportunity to make connections with the world of work and are allowed to be creative, innovative while collaborating with University and Industry representatives. They are learning skills in pitching and presenting, producing reports, meeting deadlines. In Key Stage 3 we now emphasise the principles of collaboration, teamwork, problem solving skills and how Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics connect together. Teen Tech is having a major impact on our whole school in a number of ways. Teacher, Manchester

The Challenges were very enjoyable like how we were given the task to design a game.I really enjoyed working as a team. This has opened up my mind to studying science and technology Student, Surrey

I love the enthusiasm of the kids, and I loved seeing my colleagues enjoy themselves so much. In fact, since Teen Tech I’ve seen an upsurge in people in my office volunteering for outreach in schools, and it’s no coincidence. TeenTech benefits both students and companies. I also like seeing what other companies are offering, and the general buzz of the day. What a great way to promote STEM subjects and careers. Antonia Roberts, Softwire, Bristol

“Whilst on attachment to BBC Make It Digital, TeenTech was the project I enjoyed the most. It really captured my imagination.” Shajan Miah, BBC Sport

“I really enjoyed the one I felt sick at” Student, Galway (Editor’s note: Dissecting Squid)

“TeenTech is an amazing introduction for students to the tech industry and we’ve found it works the other way around too. Our store colleagues who attend are regularly, and genuinely, amazed and inspired by the students. In a single day you can witness first hand transformations of sceptical tech user to converted tech enthusiasts. This year we are delighted to take our relationship further and sponsor two of this year’s Teen Tech Award categories.” Maplin

“TeenTech is a firm date in our calendar of events” Teacher, London 


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