Teenagers in Humberside and Kent will soon find out what it’s really like to be a 21st Century Scientist or Engineer. In July, TeenTech heads up to the KC Stadium in Hull and in September to Kent, where it will be run by the respective Education Business Partnerships. We’re really excited to know that more young people will be able to benefit from an event which has proved so popular in the Thames Valley.

Anne McNulty from EBP Kent says, “We feel privileged to partner such a powerful collaborative who are clearly committed to providing an in-depth quality experience to inspire our youngsters. The arrival of TeenTech in Kent is a wonderful moment; it is a platform for extraordinary, cutting edge specialists to share their expertise, inspiration and drive with our teens. This award winning programme will undoubtedly bring so much to everyone involved in Kent.”

As Sandra Cooper from the Humber EBP points out,  “Technology based industries are exciting places to work and many of our students are far more proficient than we assume in these areas. With many new investors in the Humber Sub Region we want to ensure that our own young people leave education equipped with the skills that local employers need and the aspirations to be successful in their working life. TeenTech will provide the Humber EBP with the opportunities to showcase our talented youth as the preferred workforce of tomorrow.”



Anne McNulty and Sandra Cooper with Maggie Philbin