THANK YOU  to everyone who made TeenTech City such a powerful experience. Teenagers buzzed with anticipation as they looked down on an arena filled to bursting with tech and engineering ready for them to explore. Many companies and universities had worked hard for months to develop fresh activities that brought opportunities in tech to life and teams from TeenTech Humber, TeenTech Solent and Teen Tech Surrey joined forces with our core team to deliver TeenTech’s largest event day. Check out our full set of pics on Flickr.



The  520 Year 8 and Year 9 students participating in the TeenTech activity zones were joined by the Longitude Explorer finalists eager to learn who was going to win the coveted prizes and by all first year web media students from Ravensbourne who spend the first term of their University course building websites to share the experience of the day.

Add those inspiring 300 volunteers from across every aspect of the science and technology industries  and you have some idea of the scale of the day.


It was also an opportunity to get brainstorming for the TeenTech Awards and it wasn’t long before the long wall of the venue was  covered in ideas .

0003TeenTech2015CopperBox_bigTimagesIt was great to hear the reaction of teachers saying students were both fascinated and inspired.

0004TeenTech2015CopperBox_bigTimages (1)

0016TeenTech2015CopperBox_bigTimages 0008TeenTech2015CopperBox_bigTimages Many, many more pics on Flickr0006TeenTech2015CopperBox_bigTimages   0007TeenTech2015CopperBox_bigTimages