The Institute of Directors (IoD) has been supporting businesses and the people who run them since 1903. 

As the UK’s longest-running organisation for professional leaders, we are dedicated to supporting our members, encouraging entrepreneurial activity and promoting responsible business practice for the benefit of the business community and society as a whole.

We place particular importance on younger people as they make their early decisions on a future career – through our Student Membership Scheme and onwards, to young entrepreneurs, as they develop their leadership skills through our thriving 99 Club.

Our work with TeenTech

The institute of Directors was one of the founding partners when TeenTech was created and then developed and has supported it and its objectives ever since.

For far too long the worlds of technology and engineering have been seen, by young people and sometimes even their advisers, as boring or worse still male only domains.

Our support for TeenTech addresses these issues ‘head on’ by showing technology and engineering as exciting career choices for both boys and girls.