Make it Digital

TeenTech are one of the partners in the BBC’s Make It Digital and BBC micro:bit projects. We want to help students, teachers and parents see just where an interest in tech can take you. So we’re providing resources not only to help you get the most from your BBC micro:bit and also to gain the inside track on careers in the most exciting industries of the future.


TeenTech are one of the partners for the BBC’s Make It Digital initiative and a champion for the BBC micro:bit which will be given to every Year 7 pupil this Autumn.


We asked the world-famous Bristol Robotics Laboratory for their advice on how you could take your interest in robotics further and the opportunities available.

TeenTech Clubs

From September you will be able to get ideas for how to get the most from your micro:bit from our TeenTech Clubs in Maplin stores. You’ll be able to get free advice and support and we’ll also have free resources. At some stores there will be a monthly TechTechMeet with a hands on workshop. A great way for students, teachers and parents to explore the potential of the micro:bit. More details coming soon here.
We will be sharing a number of videos which help young people, their parents and teachers understand where an interest in tech can take you.

This video takes a look at robotics and the innovative work being done at Bristol Robotics Lab. The message is that people from many different backgrounds are pushing forward the boundaries of robotics – so whether you have an interest in design, engineering, biology, environmental issues, healthcare, town planning, entertainment – there’s an area of robotics for you.

The BBC micro:bit

Every Year 7 student will be given one in Autumn 2015. Many people look back with fondness to the BBC Micro and say having access to it in their classroom was why they developed an interest in tech. The micro:bit will belong to the student – we want them to take them home, have fun with them and learn digital and coding skills along the way. In their press release the BBC describe it as their ‘most ambitious education initiative for 30 years’ . Up to 1 million devices will be given to every 11 or 12 year old child in year 7 or equivalent across the UK, for free.

The TeenTech Awards

Are you an innovator? Do you have an idea which could make life easier, simpler or better? We want you to use your imagination, to think creatively.

The TeenTech Awards are for UK students from 11-18 (Years 7 to 13) working in teams of up to three to look at problems large and small to see if they can find a better way of doing things.

Look out for the special category in our TeenTech Awards where you can show off what you’re doing with the micro:bit!