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Exciting TeenTech City of Tomorrow events for students aged 8-11!

November 2021

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For students aged 8-11

TeenTech City of Tomorrow invites young people to design ideas for the safer, smarter, kinder City of Tomorrow, surfacing careers in the connected city, increasing awareness of global sustainability goals, citizenship.

Students consider how physical spaces (home, health, education sport, entertainment, commercial) can provide better experiences for everyone and how they might play a part in the inclusive, digitally connected, city of the future.

The emphasis is on bold creative thinking with live feedback from local and national employers.

Students get to DREAM BIG, creating buildings for their TeenTech City of Tomorrow and becoming designers, technologists and engineers.

TeenTech City of Tomorrow in Coventry will consist of a Live Build Session on Thursday 11th November, where pupils will be guided through the process, and a Live Feedback Session on Thursday 25th November where all buildings created will be showcased. All projects will receive feedback from industry experts from the world of design, technology and engineering.

TeenTech Live meets Gatsby benchmarks and has been highly praised by teachers, parents and students.

TeenTech Coventry is delivered in collaboration with the Innovative Manufacturing & Future Materials GRP at the University of Warwick and the Public Engagement and Outreach Team at WMG, University of Warwick. The Innovative Manufacturing & Future Materials GRP is one of ten Global Research Priorities that undertake Interdisciplinary Research that will help shape our future and respond to complex global challenges that can only be tackled through research excellence. They foster collaboration and innovation, and they are passionate about inspiring the next generation of curious thinkers and innovators through their outreach work and their partnerships in academia and industry.

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    If you would like to attend the TeenTech City of Tomorrow Live Build Session for Coventry on Thursday 11th November at 10:00am (with a Feedback Session on Thursday 25th November, times to be confirmed next term) please complete the booking form below. You need to ensure that the contact name given below is the lead person who will take responsibility for the whole TeenTech City of Tomorrow Live programme within your school. If there are any subsequent changes, you must let us know immediately by emailing us at kathy.dare@teentech.com. This event is only open to schools in Coventry.

    You will also receive an invitation to join the Teacher Briefing on October 19th at 4:00pm.

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    If you have any questions, or would like more information before you register for sessions, please email kathy.dare@teentech.com.

    For more information about the Innovative Manufacturing & Future Materials GRP  and Public Engagement work at the University of Warwick please contact imgrp@warwick.ac.uk.

    TeenTech Live offers:

    • An exciting range of sessions which resonate with young people from animation to the future of music, space exploration to the future of transport, food sustainability to ethical fashion, smart homes to smart cities.
    • Opportunities to connect with people working at all levels of engineering and technology.
    • Opportunities to develop skills which students, as well as industry, recognize as key to their future.
    • Ways to enrich lessons in science, computing, maths, animation, web design, design and technology.
    • A safe, interactive platform.
    • Cross-curricular learning.
    • Flexibility – sessions work well whether students are in school or working from home.
    • A valuable network of industry contacts.



    • Very or somewhat interested in a career in Design, Technology and Engineering grew from 55% to 86%.

    • Feeling capable of having a career in those areas grew from 61% to 80%.

    • Our impact is long-lasting, schools working with TeenTech report more students choosing STEM subjects,(one reported a 300% increase over 5 years, another in Physics from 43% to 87.5%) and the teachers said they felt better placed to provide context for learning after running our project.

    What Our Parents and Teachers Say…

    This virtual offer is amazing, so well thought out and is executed seamlessly. Such a great idea, I will be sharing on Facebook and to all my friends for their children to get involved over the coming weeks. The last few weeks have been challenging with trying to work and homeschooling, and this project actually bought my own children closer.

    Dawn Helsby

    Student Employability Manager North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire College

    Just wanted to say that, as a parent watching all of these sessions, you should all be very proud of yourselves! They are creative, thoughtful, funny, entertaining and show a lot of skill. Well done all and thanks to TeenTech for another amazing week.


    What Our Students Say…

    I have enjoyed this week so much! It has been exciting and I adored it! I learnt so much about sound and it was an incredible opportunity.


    They have been an amazing experience and I have definitely had a deeper dive into the world of tech. I have understood that it’s not all about code, there’s so much more to it.


    At the start of the week, I had a passion to be a game designer but I didn’t think I could do it. TeenTech has helped me develop my skills and helped me create a game that I enjoy. Thank You.


    I have enjoyed the sense and the atmosphere of collaboration between industry experts, TeenTech’s presenter, Ali Maggs and the bright ideas shared to everyone by the teens. These lessons have been very informative and have made me think outside the box for new innovations and ideas


    A special thankyou to…

    Alton School

    Channing School

    Stephen Perse Foundation

    …for generously donating their TeenTech Awards prize money to help fund these sessions!