We’ve really enjoyed hearing the ideas of young people across Coventry for their own smarter, safer and kinder city of the future.

TeenTech ran a live virtual Build Day event for almost 700 primary pupils in November. We were joined by experts from the University of Warwick who provided inspiration, and then pupils worked in teams to identify the global and local challenges they most wanted to address.

Working as designers, engineers and technologists, the pupils then came up with ideas for their building, considering how technology, materials, and innovative designs could help tackle the issues we face within our cities.

The pupils then built models using recyclable materials, to represent their ideas, and our experts returned to give feedback to all of the young people who delivered projects.

One teacher said…

TeenTech is a great project to engage and enthuse the children and encourages them to consider how to be responsible about improving their environment. It has given the children the opportunity to think big about their world. their future and their role within it.

The children are learning life skills, teamwork and are thinking outside the box to design and create cities that could effect change.

The project is amazing! If I could give up a whole week to work on this, I would…it’s real life skills in the classroom.

Class Teacher, Coventry

Here are a few responses from participating pupils:

I love the project because it will help the future. It has made me think about climate change and how it is affecting our cities. In Coventry, I see lots of litter and it gives our city a bad reputation. My team, Team Queen Tech are designing a treehouse from recycled materials that filters wastewater to use again.

Bhavika age 9

We have designed a hotel for homeless people which is made from sustainable materials like bamboo.

Sanjot Age 9

Some of the ideas from the pupils that took part are now included in an exhibition at the Coventry Transport Museum.

Maggie Philbin CEO TeenTech says, “This is just the beginning for these young people who we will now be inviting to join us in year-round Smart Skill and Innovation Sessions.”

Last Thursday evening, Maggie hosted the annual Coventry Christmas Lecture where she talked about the nature of innovation and the importance of making sure we support diverse innovators of the future with both the personal and sector skills which will be needed in the future.

If you would like your child or school to benefit from our programmes, you can visit http://teentech.com/live to learn more and register.