TThe Ideas Wall is always popular at TeenTech. This year we asked students to imagine technology that might improve the 2052 Olympic Games. By the end of the day, the wall was plastered with suggestions for every aspect of the games; from travel, to stadiums, to the events themselves. It’s very difficult to judge – there are hundreds of entries, with many students sticking up as many as 20 suggestions. Inevitably, some had good but similar ideas : bringing the virtual Olympic games right into your home sitting room, giving spectators augmented reality glasses so they could see and understand more about the performances and there was a strong interest in events for robots

Three ideas won ipods on the day :

“A drug that takes away all steroids and other drugs so no-one can cheat” Samantha and Fraser, Waingels College

A virtual swimming pool which competitors can swim in which hovers over the athletic area” Owal, Baylis Court School

“When packaging on food is removed, it’s drawn towards a bin using magnetic particles, so that the events are litter free. Also, no effort for the person with the litter” Ben, Prospect School

Help us decide who wins that ipod!

But there were so many entries, we’ve taken them home to decide who should get the final ipod. Believe it or not, this is the shortlist. So please help us out by telling us your favourites …And a couple of ideas had lost their names and schools, so let us know if you recognise them.

The shortlist:

1.“One of the events in the 2052 Intergalactic Olympics will be ‘Who can colonise a planet first with a successful ecosystem  for 2000 people’ ” Ilyaas, Forest School

2.”Instead of buying a seat you buy glasses which when you put them on it’s like you’re in the stadium, so you can watch the olympics from home” Chris, Bulmershe Colllege

3.“I think the 2052 Olympics should be suspended above the host country through either hovering or suspension cables.  This would mean less destruction and infrastructure development creating a greener Olympics. People would get to the stadium via elevators or flight” Robert, Altwood School

4. “In 2052, when Ikea have taken over Sweden the International Olympic Committee will honour them with a competition to see who can assemble a flat-pack wardrobe the quickest” Ben, Ranelagh School

5. “All ball events will be competed with an invisible ball, to make it harder” Adam, St Bernard’s School

6.”Cameras for each competitor which can be accessed by friends and family using the internet”  Brigidine school

7.”Each competitor has a special control that can bring up the internet on any wall or anywhere. It can aso be a phone to get in touch with friends and family who are not there” Amy, The Langley Academy

8.“Flying blimps that advertise” Gemma

9. “Swimming in custard to increase strength” – Bilal, Slough and Eton

10. “When the competitors are ill they can touch a healing button which will both cure them and send a message to the organisers of the race they’re doing” Tara

11. “Instead of wasting money on a stadium, all the athletes have to do is go to their local gym and it will be streamed to all televisions” Melissa , Brigidine School

12. “To get to the Olympics there is a private network of underground train tunnels going from people’s house to the stadium” Katie,  Willink School

13.“A sports dome that senses body heat and regulates temperature to enhance performance” George

14. “Virtual Olympics so you don’t have to build stadiums” Ollie, Altwood School

15. “There is one stadium and everything changes virtually” James

16. “Contact lenses that you can use underwater. It will be easier and more practical for athletes” Annalise, St Bernard’s School

17.“In the stadium they should give out glasses that change the event and the scenery. One person could be watching the 100m runners run through a field dressed in tutus, another could be watching the hurdlers run in the snow, jumping over giant snails, dressed like elephants” Rebecca, The Holt

18.“For a new event they should do speed texting or speed typing games” Rebecca, The Holt

19.“The seats rotate around the race track so that they follow the cyclists /runners” Isabelle, Altwood School

20.An edible stadium that re-appears once you’ve eaten it” Tara

21.“Nutrition and hydration helmets” Alfie, Willink School

22.“2052, not Earth Olympics – Universe Olympics! There will be races across planets. The racers will all have sat navs. All the announcements will be converted into every language (even alien and animal)” Anon

23.‘The stadium will be lit by starlight trapped in jam jars. Instead of fireworks, glow in the dark fish will be thrown into the air by athletes. The trophy will be a large alien with a big mouth” Rhianna, Park House School

24.“The Olympic participants enter the olympics through holograms. This eliminates injury and fatigue, so all of them can give it their all without the worry of failing” Agib, Slough and Eton

25.“A watch that can teleport you food so you don’t have to wait in lines. You say what you want it’s teleported to your seat. Also when you beep your ticket you are teleported to the games” Karola, Reading Girls

26.“There should be underwater viewing stands in swimming and diving, so athletes are overhead” Louise, The Abbey School

27.“Often spectators hold up cards to make the flag of the chosen nation. This is annoying. So spectators should be given vests that change colour to make flags instead. They should use LEDs which are rechargeable” Rees, Ranelagh

28.“There won’t be any running races or things to do with exercise. There will be hovercraft races so you won’t have to use any effort” Megan, Highdown School

29.“There would be a special room in the stadium where spectators could put on a special outfit and equipment to make it feel like they are actually competing in the Olympics but in a small room” Chiara, Kendrick

30.“Silicone coated swimsuits because the oil that is produced will improve hydrodynamics” Ollie, Altwood

31.“Tickets are bought through people’s phone contracts and most people will choose to watch from their phone because that’s just as realistic as being there” Phoebe, Kendrick School

32.“Whilst watching the Olympics, people get given a massage and have a foot bath. They can also scan your handprint for access to watch the games” Amandeep, Kendrick School

33.“Sword fighting with light sabers. Bring back the Coliseum with super-soldier gladiators” Joshwin, Blessed Hugh Faringdon

34.“The racetrack will be like a maglev train, as in floating, using magnets” Alycia, Brigidine

35.“All chairs will be high tech and provide food quickly. They’ll also have zoom in glasses and slide in lenses for people who already wear glasses”  Christine, Slough and Eton College

36.“Floating seats, so the crowd can look over scenic areas outside the stadium when they’re not watching events” Izzy, Waingels College

37.“People will arrive in remote controlled real airplanes” Sionna

38.“By 2052, there will be no need for portable ways of communication as people will be able to read each others minds without even being with them”  Hayley, Prospect School

39.“Special goggles so you can see the games even when people are standing up in front of you” Carrie, Reading Girls

40. “Contact lenses which when you put them in your pupils are Olympic Rings and when you blink they take a photo. As the competitors walk around the village, information about the sports and Olympic history will hover in mid air when they step on paving slabs” Rebecca, Altwood

41.“Printed food. Food printed on nylon which you lick to eat. When the food is eaten the nylon can be used again” Anon

42.“In 2052, the audience could take part in some activities as otherwise they would be sitting down all the time” Alex, Windsor Girls School

43.“People could watch the games in booths hovering above the pitch and use glasses which tell them the name of the competitor, their age, thie odds of winning, country, previous competitions etc” Lily, The Abbey

44.“A machine will bring dead sportsmen and women back to life and they can race against each other” Annalise, St Bernards

45.“Hover pads will carry your belonging to your seat” Daisy, The Willink School

46.“Athletes will actually play Mario Bros, jumping over barrels and squish mushrooms” James

47.“All the events will take place in one stadium with the course for the event changing via an underground platform system, so that you never have to miss one event to see another” Finn, The Willink School

48.“Robot sausage stand that flies around selling hot-dogs, chips and drinks” Anders, Garth Hill College

49.“The games will be held on the moon and in 1/6th gravity on earth” Sarah

50.“The VIP seats have chair arms that keep giving you refills on your drinks” Kelly, Willink School

51.“You will get to the stadium in a round glass ball that goes around the whole stadium and stops at your seat” Abigail. Baylis Court School

52.“The games will be fairer and the results will be very accurate. The ground will be able to change to suit the event that is going on at the time, so it can bring the events closer to the audience for a better experience” Matt, The Clere School

53.”There will be very little power from fossil fuels in the future. But don’t worry, I have an idea to fuel the 2052 Olympic Games. Ark Reactors” Anon

54.“Air conditioners will keep the stadium suited to the athletes needs. And also vents on spectator seats so they can be comfortable, no need for coat/jumper storage” Megan, The Holt School

55.“A massive invisible sonic shield to prevent terrorist attack.” Anon

56.“There will be local teleports which allow the public to get in quickly, rather than getting jammed in traffic” Ashik, Slough and Eton

57.‘You type in where you want to go on a radar screen and a plastic transparent tube will appear and vacuum you up and take you to the Olympic Games” Brigidine School

58.“Everything is virtual and you plug in to watch. Like The Matrix” James

59.“Tags with cells in that go onto the temple of the head. It monitors the spectators’ emotions, keeping them calm and preventing any rowdiness or anger to keep the games calmer and safer” Megan, The Holt School

60.“A TV that projects the track of the running races into your sitting room. You can then put on special shoes, be projected onto the track and run alongside in the races” Sorvel, Highdown School

61.“There will be a Child Olympics, for the over 13 teens, where the same events will take place but in a more child friendly environment. With comfortable seating and all food choices chosen by children” Lucy

62.“In 2052 they should have a stadium in the water to host the Olympic Games which has an inbuilt water powered generator” David, Theale Green

63.“Inter-dimensional Olympics. People from other dimensions competing. Usain Bolts could race. The best from each dimension could then go onto an Uber Olympics” Mareus, Ranelagh School

64.“Hover basketball. The players can be trained to play hover basketball on hover pads” Arosha, St Bernards

65.‘You could have a floating stadium that moves around the world” Aimee, Baylis Court School

66.‘By 2052, the Olympics would have stopped due to people not having an interest in them . Technology is so far advanced they would rather use it than watch the Olympics” Zoe

67.“In the long jump, if they step over the line, they will fall. In football the ball will be mechanical to decide the penalties itself” Marcus, Ranelagh

68.“Sky diving from Space” Anon

69.“Interactive voting from homes for events that have judges” Will, St Bernard’s School

70. “In the future we will bring back dinosaurs. Bare back Dinosaur racing as an Olympic sport” NatalieBurnham Grammar School

71.‘The running tracks will get electricity from the running athlete to power the stadium. The car park spaces will have LCD built into the surface to make it easier to park in the dark” Cameron, Edgbarrow

72.“There will be a holographic menu for food with robotic vendors” Janelle,

73.“In 2052 technology will be able to let viewers at home go into the minds of their favourite athlete to know what they’re thinking” Suniyah

74.‘The 2052 Olympics will open with alien races parachuting down into the stadium” Yahya, Westgate School

75.“Holographic sporting arena, for pitches, sailing and swimming pools, so only one venue is needed” Timothy, The Willink

76.“No need for paper tickets, your thumb print will be used instead” Francesca, Kendrick

77.“During the running races the track could move up closer to the audience while they’re running.” Shona, Burnham Grammar

78.“There will be an anti-gravity band around the stadium so chairs can float and you have a different view for every event” Janelle, Brigidine

79.“Food that can be activated at a specific time to release energy for the athletes” Annalise, St Bernards

80.“Touch screen binoculars that recognise players, give you commentary and pick music that matches what’s happening.’ Mehreen, Herschel Grammar

81. ‘We will be able to control the weather to suit the event” Emily, Prospect School

82. “Use robots for referees so that they don’t break down due to emotional stress or bend rules” Arezha, St Bernards

83. “Handscanners on seats to prevent fraud and make sure the right owner of the ticket is there. Can aso count the number of people there.” Megan, The Holt School