“Give us your ideas for technology which you think would improve life in 2050”, we asked. We did our very best to judge this on the day but with post-it notes plastered on every available inch of the fountain, even with 15 judges, it completely overwhelmed us.Winners on the day included Jade for her “beard hoover which would get bits out of your beard and wash it at the same time”, Ella for her “disability car seat which adjusts automatically to body shape”  and Jasmine for  “a coaster that warms up your cup of  tea”

There were so many entries, we felt it was only fair to offer another prize. Having narrowed down the entries, we ‘d love your help to decide who wins that final ipod.

1.“If Scientists have cloned sheep , I think they should clone endangered animals therefore reducing the risk of those animals becoming extinct”      Sam, King Ethelbert School

2.“A passport that ages as you age so you don’t have to buy a new one”     Olivia, Hartsdown College

3.“A Calculator that can scan your sums and work them out”      Jason , Aylesford School

4.“The I-Key is a key that is connected to your finger print, retina scan, blood group, genetic make up, face scan & password”    Matthew, King Ethelbert School

5.“Anti=bacterial water so when so when you turn on the tap it will kill all the bacteria so you will not need soap. This will wipe out disease and cholera in Africa”     Max , Wilmington Grammar School for Boys

6.“A Christmas tree that turns on when it senses someone come in the room”     Ella, Hartsdown Technology College

7.“An especially good idea would be an accessory for a computer that would show the desktop items & other features in holographic vision like in Iron Films”   Will, The Hayesbrook School

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8.“A mouse on the computer that electrocutes you if you get your login password wrong 3 times”     Liam, Aylesford School Sports College

9.“An app that turns on electronics such as TV’s, fans and radios”    Samuel, Castle Community College

10.“An educational simulation machine so like you are in a film. e.g in history you would be able to experience the middle ages for yourself”   Melissa , Maidstone Grammar School for Girls

11.“A thing on your shower that allows you to put shampoo etc in and lets it out in the water so you don’t have to apply it” Eleanor, Maidstone Grammar School for Girls

12.“I would like to create a way to use fossil and other natural fuels to power industrial designs to prevent the need of fossil fuel”  Dylan, The Hayesbrook School

13.“A special operaion for pregnant woman to make their babies genes immune to cancer and other bad diseases & deformities”  Hannah

14.“Shoes that can detect the rain by humidity”      Nicola Garland, Maidstone Grammar School for Girls

15.“Food Teleporter”   Thomas Jarrett, Dover Grammar for Boys

16. “A laptop that you can easily fit in your pocket like a phone”    Rebecca, Northfleet School for Girls

17.“Juke boxes in music shops so you can make your own compilations and CD covers for gifts”   Bunton, Aylesford School

18.“An app that will make you remember things 4 school. An alarm goes off and brings up the list you created the night before reminding you what you need to take”

19.“A mirror that changes your outfit in the reflection. A camera which produces a picture which recorded the sound so when you look at the image you might have a “Happy Birthday”     Kairra, Skinners Kent Academy

20.“Olympics app – update on all Olympic events, tickets, match times, live videos for 2012” Raina, Simon Langton Girls Grammar School!

21. “Glasses that you can change the lens strength by a button rather than buying a new pair”   Jessica, Simon Langton Girls’ Grammar School

22. “Musical walking stick, especially for OAPs”    Otis & Holly, Dane Court Grammar School

23. “Infrared lights that detect heat leaving the lights on. When no heat is detected, they turn it off”    Alex Stevens, The Skinners School

24. “A house key with voice recognition for those with disabilities or people who find it hard to use keys. This could stop crime as they wouldn’t have a key to copy.   Trinity , Simon Langton Girls’ Grammar School

25. “A foodbank that transmits leftover food to people who those who need it most”  Ramani, Simon Langton Girls’ Grammar School

26.“Finger print door handle, you would press your hand against the wall and the door would open” Jasmine

27.“Create a way of powering the world without using any fuel but is as effective as fossil fuel power” James, The Skinners School

28.“Roads under the sea with glass walls so you can see the fish. If it is dark, there are lights so you can see them”  Eleanor, MGGS

29.“A projector concealed within the arm of you glasses that projects the time onto the lens in the appropriate size and space”  Lucy B, Simon Langton Girls’ Grammar School

30.“A TV screen which can find things when you loose them it will put it on the screen and describe where it is in your house”  Jessica M, Simon Langton Girls’ Grammar School

31.“Hologramic TV. It’s like a TV on the ground that shines the image up to produce a hologram”  Dimitrious, Charles Dickens School

32. “Fruit sweet – sweets that are actually nothing but fruit. This will help make children eat their five a day”  Chloe, Skinners Kent Academy

33. “Using microbes and DNA to create new life”     Ella ,The Skinners Kent Academy

34. “People use treadmills to power the house and keep them fit”   M Radcliffe, Northfleet School for Girls

35. “A wave powered, power station / energy supplier. You could have a floating shape e.g a snake, which is made up of different sections linked up and when it moves over the waves it will pump pistons creating electricity. This is a good idea because it is an eco friendly source of electricity and won’t create any fumes. It also works anywhere there are waves, the bigger waves the more electricity”  Morrison , Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School

36. “More tidal power, the tide never stops, its more reliable than wind and solar power”  Reece Taylor, Wilmington Grammar School for Boys

37. ” A TV that walks away when your parents say you’ve had enough time” Alisha, Durand

38. “A bag that when you say the name of an object, it flys up into your hand”  Daniel, Aylesford School