Our 2023 TeenTech Festivals kicked off last week, and you can imagine just how happy it makes our whole team, MTI, and all the employers involved to receive messages like this one,

Just wanted to pass on our thanks for the wonderful event held at Mira Technology Institute. Almost all students from our college are from a minority ethnic background, and the proportion of students eligible for the pupil premium is higher than average. An opportunity such as the event hosted by you and your team helps our students’ own development socially and narrows the gap of cultural capital. 


Or this, from a SEN school who sent thanks for…

…providing a safe and suitable environment for the students, including a ‘time out’ room, and to be flexible with timings as our students arrive at school by county transport. This is not something we have the benefit of at events usually, but it makes such a difference. The students thoroughly enjoyed their time.


We’ve a powerful track record in inspiring and supporting teenagers, and we do this with the amazing support of companies, colleges, and universities who share our vision. We measure everything we do.

The number of students saying they were fairly or very interested in working in technology rose from 57% at the start of the event, to 79% at the end of the event. If we break the figure down to show the results from students identifying as female – their interest in careers in this sector rose from 33% to 69%.

If you want to give students insight into your company and career opportunities, come and be part of one of our award-winning initiatives running across the UK.

The TeenTech Festival days are just the beginning. Students then are invited to TeenTech Innovation and Insight days, they can develop their own creative and personal skills through the TeenTech Awards programme and interactive online TeenTech Live Masterclasses and TeenTech Build Your Future Live sessions. They also become powerful TeenTech ambassadors themselves.

We’ve a wide range of fresh and exciting programmes running this year, all designed to help young people understand opportunities across digital, technology, science and engineering.

Let us know if you’d like to be involved with the work we’re doing. You can message me directly or use this form.

And a massive thanks once more to everyone at MTI, to all the employers and, of course, to all those brilliant students who made sure our TeenTech Festival season got off to such a terrific start.

Our 2023 Festivals are listed here….

January 26th – TeenTech @MTI
April 25th – TeenTech London (University of Roehampton)
May 16th – TeenTech Lancashire (UCLAN)
July 4th – TeenTech Milton Keynes (Institute of Technology)
August 30th – TeenTech Strathclyde (University of Strathclyde)
October 19th – TeenTech Hampshire (Hampshire Court)
November 16th – TeenTech Sussex (AMEX Stadium)
November (date TBC) – TeenTech South Wales

Maggie Philbin – CEO TeenTech