TeenTech had its last event of the year today at the fabulous Surrey Sports Park, part of the University of Surrey. November 14th 2012 also marked the day that TeenTech went global as the TeenTech Awards took off!

The Ideas Wall was awesome – all visitors to the event were staggered by the speed at which ideas plastered the walls of the sports hall transforming them into a multi-coloured demonstration of bold thinking and rich invention.


Students were were wowed by some of our fantastic regular companies such as the BBC, JVC , Sony, Google and BT as well as some very cool technology from new contributors including Digicave with their Augmented Reality exhibits.

Laleham Healthcare were here again bringing their fabulous Challenge Zone activity which they developed for TeenTech Hampshire – a superb demonstration of the manufacturing industry, helping the young people and their teachers understand the technology and challenges that go into every stage of producing some of the most famous and expensive cosmetics.

We really love how they branded the bottles that our young visitors were filling with all manner of gloop:

Low Carbon London challenged the young people’s knowledge of the energy needs of the modern home and the students were quick to turn the tables and put Liam to the test to make sure HE got 100%.

It was as you can see a lot of fun but some big changes in thinking were taking place as teenagers realised how many opportunities are out there in the world of technology and found out that robots will be doing far more more than playing football in the future.



We took full advantage of Surrey Sports Park’s own Fitness Lab; an exciting Challenge activity was underway there with teenagers busy measuring their own physical performance parameters!

More photos and reports soon…