Judging Criteria

The judging criteria for the two age groups are slightly different. Please read carefully.

The following judging criteria will be applied to the students’ Innovation Log. The log can contain up to a maximum of 15 A4 pages and should be uploaded as a file of no more than 8 Mb.  More details about the Innovation Log structure can be found in the Competition Rules for the TeenTech Awards (See: How to Enter, Stage 2).

Originality of idea. Does the idea or project show creative thinking? Does it stand out from the crowd? Is your idea unique and original? Are there similar solutions for this market? Perhaps your innovation is an alternative to existing solutions or an evolution of an existing solution?

Quality of research methods and presentation. We will send support material to all registered teams to give you ideas for how to conduct good research.

Clarity of idea. Is the project or idea clearly described? Is the purpose clear? How does the work demonstrate that the team have thoroughly understood the area where they have chosen to work?

Understanding of potential market. Have you clearly identified the market for your idea? Is it a mass or niche market? Who would use it? Who will benefit? What steps did you take to understand people’s needs and the way your innovation could make a difference? Are there any competitive alternatives to your approach? Have you explained why your approach is needed?

Use of industry experts. How did you make use of expert help from industry or academia? Who did you contact and what did you ask them to do? How did you use their advice to improve, develop or change your idea? Do you have plans to continue the relationship with the partners?

International collaboration. If you chose to work with a team in another country, how was the collaboration managed and how well did you work as an international team? What did you gain from the international collaboration? How did it shape your thinking? What problems did you need to overcome?

Skill and thoroughness. How well is the project or idea executed? How much effort has been made to develop the idea? The technical quality of the execution of the idea or project.

Is it doable? How practical is it to take this innovation to the next level? Are there major technology or market dependencies that prevent this innovation from being developed into a prototype or achieving production status?

What did the team learn from their experience? Has it changed your thinking in any way? Have you learnt more about a particular area of Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths? Have you been inspired?

Criteria for Digital Skills

There are few aspects of modern life that are not touched by Information Technology (IT). The innovative entries we have seen in the annual TeenTech Awards are no different and whilst some previous entries have not been outright winners in their category our judges have noted that many have exhibited design and coding skills that really should be celebrated.

TeenTech is looking to recognise both excellence in computer programming as well as creativity in the use of IT. Not everyone is an expert programmer so we are looking both for those that have demonstrated superb coding skills, and for those who have taken their understanding of the building blocks of computer programming and have used those in a novel way.

Through this award category, TeenTech hopes to encourage young people to develop the skills that will continue to be the thread that runs through all areas of innovation.

Judging criteria for Data science Prize

Can you demonstrate the best use and analysis of data? This category is open to students aged 11 to 19. The age of students is taken into consideration. Full teacher resources and mentor support is available throughout.

Judging Critereal for Creative and Digital Media

Do you have a passion for digital artwork, animation, game design, graphic design, music or film? Our Creative and Digital Media category celebrates the creativity of young people, giving you the opportunity to showcase your skills.

Perhaps you have a love of animation or want to produce a short film, either digitally or through stop motion? Maybe you have an idea for a new game and would like to develop your concept? Perhaps you are a musician who wants to create digital soundscapes to showcase your audio design skills? Or maybe you have an idea for a transmedia experience, combining different platforms and mediums to tell a story? This category is wide open and designed to showcase your creativity and interests.

Teacher/Technician/Librarian of the Year Award

Alongside our awards for students, we also have a Teacher/Technician/Librarian of the Year Award. This is to recognise the vital support provided, often in your own time and at your own cost. We believe teachers and youth leaders should be formally recognised for this work.


All judges will be appointed by TeenTech CIC. The judges will not enter into any discussion about judging entries. All decisions by judges are final.

How to Run the Awards

We want the TeenTech Awards to be an inspiring experience for every student who takes part. The aim is to encourage them to investigate STEM subjects, to see their relevance to everyday life and inspire them to consider careers they never realised existed. Many schools and colleges are now running the Awards across entire year groups and then holding a ‘Dragons Den’ to choose the entries. We have an ‘eight week plan’ as a suggested framework which we will send to all schools who register but you are welcome to run the Awards your own way!

Remember we have a set of certificates so you can give individual students or teams recognition for their achievements along the way. You might award them at certain stages or during a prize-giving ceremony once the final entries are submitted. Please ask us to send these if you have not received them.

How to become a TeenTech Centre of Innovation and Creativity

Your school, college or library could become a TeenTech Centre of Innovation and Creativity.  We will reward schools running strong programmes led by ourselves or other external, established organisations which lead to students developing core skills in creativity, teamwork, communication, collaboration, tenacity and confidence.

We have developed a Silver and Gold status and the criteria to achieve these can be found here.

How your students can become TeenTech Young Ambassadors

We know that students who are near the age of young people in their school or local community have considerable impact in helping them understand their potential to make a difference using science, technology and engineering.

Your students can use the experience they have enjoyed in the TeenTech Awards programme in many different ways to inspire others to follow in their footsteps.  Many students act as mentors to younger students or run tech clubs within their own schools becoming very powerful role models and mentors.  They will earn Young Ambassador status.

We have some powerful case studies and more information on this initiative on our website here.


We wish you the very best and hope you enjoy the whole process. TeenTech is all about building relationships and we hope that the contacts you make will be valuable and long-lasting.

If you have any questions please contact [email protected].

Finalist presentations at the TeenTech Awards

TeenTech will provide you with an exhibition space and the judges will award additional points for quality of the presentation material supporting your innovation, the clarity and confidence of the team demonstrating their project and the completeness of illustration/prototype of the innovation itself.

All finalists will be provided with full information for the judging day in June at the beginning of the Summer Term.