TeenTech Centre of Innovation and Creativity

Could your school,college or library be a TeenTech Centre of Innovation and Creativity?

We believe true innovation happens when young people are given the access, opportunity and environment to explore and build their own ideas to make life better, simpler, safer or more fun.

We want to ensure such opportunities are made available to as many young people as possible – whatever their gender, social background, ethnicity or ability.

We believe that schools and teachers who make the considerable effort to enable students to do this through extra curricular project based learning should be recognised.

Science, technology, engineering and maths are a powerful springboard  but students can apply digital skills across any subject to develop their ideas – from art to geography, from languages to physical education.

We want to celebrate schools whose students have shone within our programmes and are willing to share their knowledge and expertise with other schools who may need advice, encouragement and support to gain the confidence to participate. We believe that by working together, we can achieve so much more.

We will reward schools running strong programmes led by ourselves or other external, established organisations which lead to students developing core skills in creativity,teamwork, communication,collaboration, tenacity and confidence.

We will be awarding Centre of Innovation and Creativity Silver status to schools, colleges and libraries who can evidence they do the following:

1. Provide access to TeenTech or to other external, established, project based learning programmes which give students the opportunity to make and create using science, technology and engineering. These opportunities can sit within all subjects – languages,arts, humanities as well as within STEM.

2. Actively encourage and support diversity of uptake – across gender (with exception of single sex schools), ability, ethnicity and social background.

3. Provide a supportive environment for creative project based learning

4. Support students who wish to become TeenTech Ambassadors  to inspire others


 To become one of our Gold certified centres you will also:

  1. Encourage other named schools, colleges or libraries who are not already engaged with our TeenTech Award or TeenTech City of Tomorrow programmes to register and participate. These schools should clearly indicate that you made the introduction when they register or enter their teams for the respective programs and that you are a TeenTech Centre of Creativity and Innovation.


  1. Provide an opportunity for your TeenTech Award or Young TeenTech Ambassador students to do a short presentation to one or more schools, companies or organisations  (we can provide a structure which your students can personalise)

Schools who achieve Gold status will be presented with their awards at The Royal Society in June 2018.

Students and Teachers who act as TeenTech project mentors to other schools will be invited to accompany their ‘adopted’ school in the event of that school reaching the final of the TeenTech Awards or the TeenTech City of Tomorrow. Students will receive TeenTech Young Ambassador Awards and teachers will receive TeenTech Mentor Awards.

If you believe your school should be recognised in this way, please register here

If you would like to register students as TeenTech Young Ambassadors please register here