We’re thrilled to be able to announce a new project funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering. Our TeenTethics initiative is one of 16 new¬†Ingenious¬†awards for public engagement, designed to inspire the next generation of engineers.

There is growing recognition that engineering should be ethically principled and socially/environmentally responsible, but the views of young people are rarely collected and included in this debate. The TeenTethics project will connect engineers with teenage innovators from across the UK. Together they will explore the ethics of decision-making and trade-offs that occur during engineering and tech innovation.

We’re working with ethics advisor Edwin Colyer from Scientia Scripta on a project which will give mid-career and early-career engineers support and confidence to share personal stories about ethical innovation dilemmas in an engaging and powerful way through both virtual and in-school TeenTethics Days.

We know that students who take part in the TeenTech Awards demonstrate ethical principles in their ideas, and the project is designed to give young people the opportunity to develop a formal code of ethical practice which will be embedded not only in the Awards programme but shared with engineers worldwide.

If you work in any area of engineering and would like to participate in the training and delivery days, please register your interest!