TeenTech are proud to announce the Tomorrow’s World team are on board as patrons!  The team that inspired a generation of engineers and scientists has reunited to support TeenTech as we go nationwide. TeenTech co-founder Maggie has now been joined by former programme colleagues Judith Hann, Howard Stableford and Kieran Prendiville, who have pledged their support to give young people a real taste of tomorrow’s world and the part they could play in it.

“We set up  TeenTech back in 2008 as an intervention because we could see  young people needed to be shown how to succeed in today’s world of technology, not just left to wander around careers fairs collecting freebies. We are creating a forum to show and immerse them in the careers that really do have the X-Factor,” said former Tomorrow’s World presenter and TeenTech co-founder Maggie Philbin

“It is so great to be reunited with my team mates to raise awareness of this important cause” says Judith Hann. “Back when we worked together on Tomorrow’s World a survey revealed that pupils were inspired to go into science by two things: firstly by an inspiring teacher and secondly by watching exciting science on TV programmes like Tomorrow’s World. TeenTech is about taking Tomorrow’s World to the children, to inspire them to think about future careers in science and technology,”

Howard Stableford says, “At school I found the sciences too dry to keep me interested and there was certainly nothing like TeenTech. These energetic hands on events may well have helped me see the relevance of my school science lessons and the exciting possibilities a career in science and technology might have offered.  In my case it took a TV show to help me see the light!”

Maggie,Judith and Howard in their TW days. Let's not talk about the hair 😉


Kieran Prendiville, now an award-winning writer, says the most exciting job of his life was reporting live from Cape Canaveral on the first launch of the Space Shuttle. “ It was the high point in a six year stint as a reporter on Tomorrow’s World and my only regret is I hadn’t taken a greater interest in science and technology when I was younger. TW showed me as an adult how thrilling science could be. TeenTech could have shown me what I was missing.”