A TeenTech, when companies want to offer a prize  we suggest they offer an experience students wouldn’t normally be able to have.

Some students from Clapton Girls’ Academy triumphed in the ‘Breaking Eggsperiment ‘which Transport For London ran at one of our events and  were given the  opportunity to see some more engineering behind the scenes at London Undergound  and do some cab riding with the drivers.


They had a  cab ride to and from one of  TFL’s most recently upgraded depots in North London (Northumberland Park Depot) where they were given tours of the service control rooms, where they made a few train movements on a simulated version of the line control software.



They toured the maintenance sheds, where they were shown the ins and outs of how the trains work and got to experience the train driving simulator.


This day was organised by the graduates who took part in TeenTech City and was supported by a range of LU staff from high grade managers to maintainers on the front line in order to inspire the pupils to choose more science GCSEs and become engineers themselves one day.