The World’s biggest gadget show, CES 2012 has now finished and your TeenTech Reporter has sore feet from trudging around all the stands but is wondering which Gadgets he would buy if money was no object?


So here are my favourite things:



For the Kitchen it has to be the QOOQ – a French Digital Cookbook, soon to be available in English and connected to the Internet. You can even wipe it down with a damp cloth!


The Samsung Galaxy Note is designed to fit in the pocket and is somewhere in size between the Galaxy S2 Phone and the Galaxy Tab:


Also from Samsung (and I couldn’t get near enough through the packed crowd to take a decent picture) are their new ES8000 series TVs with gesture control and face & voice recognition. This means you can either wave your hands or talk to the TV to change channel, and it even recognises your face and brings up your favourite Apps.

My favourite TV displays use OLED technology to give super sharp and wonderful colour pictures and both of the 55″ TVs from LG and Samsung are gorgeous

Sony were showing off their Crystal LED TV, rather nice I have to say

Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology is beginning to find its way into the shops  and this neat device from Powertrekk charges your mobile phone from reusable fuel cells – just add a drop of water and off you go:

I’m a big fan of a technology design company called Art Lebedev who brought out their Optimus Maximus OLED keyboard a couple of years ago – one of the coolest gadgets ever. At CES this year they were demonstrating their new LCD key technology:

Maybe however I’ll just wait to get an “I’m Watch”, which connects to your Smartphone  – how cool is that?


Just think, come to TeenTech and you could be designing technology like this!