We run a number of challenges and competitions at TeenTech and competition is fierce!

Ideas Wall 

Hundreds of PostIt notes  completely obliterated the view of the stadium, with ideas ranging from holographic hammer throwing ( Ashik ) to flying cranes to pop up domes for refugees.

Our winners not only take home ipods but will also have a visit from entrepreneurs to help them judge whether an idea could become a start-up company or even a global business.

And because they were so impressed by the standard of the ideas, Cisco will also go and talk to the running up students and their classmates.


Leya – Mulberry School “Speed Boots.” You set the time you need to get somewhere and they walk as fast as you need them to. Especially beneficial for ladies who have a habit of being late for meetings or school”

Leya – “An app that takes a picture of your husband and you and then processes the pictures to show you how your baby would look”

Karolina – Lister Community School – “A Touch Screen Floor”

Runners Up

Emily – Clapton School “ A watch which changes the clothes on your body. Althletes would be able to use this when they were doing the Trialthlon”

Sarah – City Academy “Power gloves, so if you want to carry something heavy, you won’t need to do any work as the gloves use little body energy”

We also liked …

Momana, Rhianna, Sanjidah,Kripali and Aniha from Sarah Bonnell School for their “Scanning Spell Checker, which scans hand written documents to improve spelling and punctuation”

Connor – George Green Scool – Artificial intelligence in computer games so that there was no pre-recorded script and games would be different every time you played them”

Anon – A wheelchair that hovers across the floor, so it won’t get stuck in mud and some sleep buttons, so you can sleep and travel’

Elijah “A way of undersanding the past clearly”

Saima – Mulberry School for Girls “Glasses or contact lenses that can take pictures like a camera. When you blink they take a picture”


Design An App

It’s fantastic to see the quality of ideas in this challenge and the quality of the artwork for the app logos is also striking. It’s very hard to believe it’s all achieved in 30 minutes.

No-one wants to be in Dave and Alyson's shoes when it comes to deciding who's won!

Dave and Alyson had a very tough time working out who the winners should be but here they are:

Best Teamwork
George Green’s School Team B
“Food Glorious Food”
This team were great at listening to each other. They shared lots of ideas, and had clear roles when planning their pitch and designing their icon.
Best Pitch
Rokeby School Team A
An app to find your lost keys and wallet.
The team’s pitch was very clearly presented, was entertaining, and told a really good story.
Best Icon Design
Clapton School Team B
“Find Me”
An app to find your friends, teachers, anyone.
This icon was simple, bold, and clearly recognisable. We could see it working very well on the App Store to help the app stand out.
Most Marketable Idea
Lister Community School Team A
“Pocket Wallet”
An app that can be used if you’ve forgotten your credit card, enabling you to tap your phone to make payments.
This is an app we’d definitely use (and pay for) ourselves. It takes advantage of the fact that you always have your phone with you in your pocket.
Most Innovative Idea
Eastlea School Team B
“Jazzy Pants”
This app lets you take a picture of an item of clothing you like, and edit it to customise it to your taste – making it more glittery, for example. You can then order the customised garment to be delivered to your door.
Best App Overall
Walthamstow Academy Team B
“Virtual Wardrobe”
If you’re not sure what to wear, this app will help you out. It knows about your entire wardrobe, and new items can be added by scanning them from barcodes when they are purchased. The app suggests what to wear based on your personality and wardrobe, and even makes use of weather feeds (based on your current GPS location) to work out what will be appropriate for today.
This team had a really good icon and pitch. Their idea was great, and very well thought through. They’d even considered the business plan and data feeds they would need to license. Good work!
The Skeleton Bob
Gold medal : Skinners School A in  59.79 seconds
Silver Medal: St Paul’s in 1.00.40 seconds
Bronze Medal: Rokeby B in 1.01.96 seconds
Best News Team : Eastlea School
Pavegen Best Application
Sophia – Eastlea School
Karim – Rokeby
Geraz – Walthamstow
London Underground Breaking Eggsperiment
Clapham School B