TeenTech is to receive one of Google’s first European RISE Awards. The 10,000 EUR award will help support TeenTech’s expansion into new regions in the UK.  Eleanor Mulligan, Diversity & Inclusion Programs Manager at Google says “The Google RISE Awards are designed to promote and support science and technology initiatives for students from all backgrounds. Google is run by an incredibly diverse group of people who are living proof of the value of a science education, that’s why we’re so enthusiastic about supporting it for the next generation of leaders! Our aim is to help students reach their full potential and achieve great things in technology. TeenTech events are a great way for students to learn more about the variety of careers on offer”.

TeenTech founder, Maggie Philbin says “We’re delighted to have this support from such a prestigious technology company, particularly because they share so many of our aims. They are committed to helping young people realise their potential and dispelling myths that careers in science and technology are the preserve of male geeks. The award will help us to inspire more young students and help them understand why it’s worth investing time in subjects like Maths and Physics”