TeenTech Surrey welcomed 340 Year 8 students from 34 schools from across the county for the sharply focussed, hands-on event day,  followed by a twilight session for over 250 A Level students who  toured our exhibiting companies and took part in an expert panel focussing on careers.

87% of the students confirmed that TeenTech Surrey increased their knowledge of Science, Technology and Engineering.

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Over 120 leading scientists, engineers and technologists from global, regional and start-up companies brought leading edge technology to show young people how they can be part of this world. From robotics to broadcast technology, precision engineering to world class scientific research, the event showcased the range of opportunities in a fast changing career landscape.

Students were encouraged to take their ideas for how to make life better, simpler or easier forward into the TeenTech Awards, which are supported enthusiastically by  TeenTech patron, HRH Duke of York who will welcome the winners to Buckingham Palace.

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Students took part in a range of exciting workshops which tested their ability to work together to build everything from geodesic domes to  their own ideas for the Internet of Things.  We were delighted that Air Products, Atkins, CBS Butler, DELL, GSK, Guildford College, QMUL, SEPnet, SODEXO, Thames Valley RepRap, Thames Water, 3aaa, Bloodhound, BOC, BCS, EDT, Institute of Civil Engineers, IntoFilm, JVC, Maplin, NPL, QA Apprenticeships, Robot Center, Samsung, Siemens, SSTL, Surrey University, Pirbright Institute and Waverley Training Services all attended to inspire and enthuse the next generation of scientists, technologist, engineers and mathematicians.

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Dr Beccy Bowden, CEO SATRO said “I’m delighted that SATRO is running TeenTech Surrey for the 4th year in a row – Surrey has a huge wealth of world-leading science, technology and engineering companies and events like this showcase to our young people how many fabulous opportunities there are here on their doorsteps”.

“Skills shortages are constantly in the headlines but in reality there’s a huge amount of talent in classrooms all over the UK, we need to do more to alert young people and their parents to emerging opportunities and the skills needed to take advantage of them”, says TeenTech founder and BBC Tomorrow’s World presenter Maggie Philbin who led the event day.

“Teenagers are not always clear about the skills they need to succeed and don’t always stand out because of our exam system. TeenTech not only offers young people a chance to see what it takes to be a creator rather than a consumer of technology but also allows employers to see the raw talent they need to encourage and often leads to teachers seeing their own students in a different light.”

David Leyshon, Managing Director of CBSbutler said “Young people today have a myriad of work options. If we are to attract them into STEM careers and thereby address the acute shortage of technical skills, it is vital to stimulate their interest and promote the fantastic opportunities. That is why CBSbutler is proud to support the efforts of SATRO and TeenTech in achieving these aims.”

TeenTech Surrey 2015 was sponsored by CBS Butler, P&G, Surrey Connects and Cold Fuzion.

A date has already been set for next year’s event – 16th November 2016.. If you would like to take part either as a school, exhibitor, sponsor or ambassador, please contact [email protected]