Doncaster Racecourse was a brilliant  venue for the 2012 TeenTech South Yorkshire event, offering great insights into careers in STEM industries and spectacular views of the famous race track before the windows got plastered with ideas for tech which could improve life in 2050!

Each TeenTech event is a careful mix of local and national companies and this event was supported by scientists, technologists and engineers keen to show off the opportunities for young people in the region, including Pegler Yorkshire, Efficiency North, Newburgh Engineeering, AESSEAL plc, Boxes and Packaging, Made In Sheffield, Tinsley Bridge Group, Reactor, Skanska, Sheffield Forgemasters, Pressure technologies, William Beckett Plastic Packaging and Doncaster College. Thanks to all for the great imagination that had gone into the activities.

South Yorkshire Fire Brigade tested the skills of young people, challenging them to recover an unconscious ‘victim’ from a blacked out room using thermal imaging technology. Wearing protective clothing was a real bonus, as it was raining hard for most of the day, something that failed to dampen anyone’s enthusiasm! Not to be outdone, South Yorkshire Police were demonstrating fingerprint and facial recognition techniques


The ‘Design an App’  workshops produced some top quality ideas, giving Josh Oldham from Freeformers and Gill Birchmore from Technophobia a very tough time when it came to making a decision about the winning app. However the hardest job of the day had to be deciding on an outright winner for the TeenTech City of Tomorrow and all entries have been invited to go forward to our TeenTech Awards later in the year.

Everyone had a great day and there is already great enthusiasm for next years’s event after this, the inaugural TeenTech in South Yorkshire.  here are a few more pictures to remind everyone of an inspiring day at the races!