Welcome to the brand new TeenTech site!

We’ve been busy over the past few months, working on a redesign for the site that really captures what TeenTech is about, and showcases our own evolution.

Our brand new site is bright, bold, and creative and has been designed to showcase the key areas in which we focus – our TeenTech Events, the TeenTech Awards, and our powerful collaborations with our sponsors and partners.

The design aims to help you see how you can get involved easily and we’ll also be bringing you the latest news from the world of science and technology.

The site will be a valuable resource for those entering the TeenTech Awards and we’ll be featuring stories from past winners soon, with advice from those that have taken part.

We’re also focussing much more on the positive effect TeenTech has had throughout the UK, helping teenagers recognise their own potential, understand the skills needed in contemporary industry and encouraging them to develop their ideas. By putting those students and their ideas in front of individuals and companies, who can  offer feedback and advice, we can have real impact. Some of these stories are already live on our Sponsors pages, and we’ll be featuring stories from students and TeenTech alumni in the coming months.

We hope you enjoy our new site, and we would really like to hear your views on other features you would like to see so that teentech.com becomes a really useful destination for students, teachers and employers.