East Midlands

The new TeenTech Leicester Festival will run on October 24th 2019. We will be bringing the region together to show young people the exciting careers possible in contemporary industry. We are working collaboratively with education, local government and industry in the region to make the year round programme both inspiring and relevant.

The Festival day itself will act as a powerful launchpad for other opportunities for young people : innovation days on company sites and our TeenTech Award and TeenTech City of Tomorrow programmes. This video will give you an idea of how our festival day works -bringing companies and schools together for a day of challenges and experiments which bring the world of science and technology to life.


If your organisation or company would like to run an interactive stand to showcase your industry, if you would like to provide some industry ambassadors or if you would like to provide mentors for student projects we’d love to have you join us in the East Midlands! We also welcome sponsors to support the evidence based and award winning programmes.

If you would like to interactive stand or become a sponsor please contact [email protected].


The TeenTech festival day on October 24th is a carefully planned and immersive day which helps young people who may never have considered careers in science and technology understand why they might very much enjoy working in these areas. The day is not an end in itself but provides both students and schools with an on-going series of opportunities. In 2018, 98.5% schools who participated in one of our festivals said they would ‘definitely’ attend another. There are two opportunities:

9.00 – 2.45 pm

Year 8 and Year 9 students attend for an exciting, hands on day led by industry with challenges and experiments helping them understand the wide range of opportunities in Science, Technology, Construction and Engineering.


Primary schools across Leicester will be working on their own ideas for the ‘safer,smarter,kinder city’. After a  workshop delivered by TeenTech in their school, they will bring their ideas to TeenTech Leicester and take part in the interactive challenges on the day. This is fully subscribed for 2019 but if you would like to contact us in case of a last minute cancellation or to find out how you can attend a teacher CPD event to learn how to deliver the programme in your school, please contact Kathy at : [email protected]