TeenTechCity went live on May 14th, as students from 15 schools across East London tried out the very latest technology and met some of the UK’s coolest engineers and scientists in an event space to die for. Cisco House has been built for the Olympics on top of Westfield, with a panoramic view across the site.

Against the impressive backdrop, the young people competed in a series of challenges and shared their own ideas about he technology they’d be using in 2050.

It was a double helping of Technology, Science and Engineering for everyone who attended, with the sleek venue boasting some tremendous interactive technology and the TeenTech participating companies bringing along their own exciting experiences.

Amongst the cool stuff on offer were PES Performance with their “Skeleton Bob” Bob-Sleigh simulator, The Welding Institute with their chocolate welding demonstration (strangely popular with all) and e-mpirical with some amazing 3D Printing.Other favourites included Pavegen demonstrating pavement slabs, which generate electricity when you walk on them, and the BBC Blue Room who had one of the new Litro cameras to get to grips with. There was always a crowd around the London Underground track design demonstration where you could bend the magnetic rail track up and down to try and create a smooth glide into a station for a train.

3D printing…Is this the future?


If you fancied working in the film or television industry, then there was a chance to show The Crewing Company whether you could cut it as a camera operator or a vision mixer on a live TeenTech News bulletin.

For the fresh air fans Atkins were busy building a dome out on the balcony and we haven’t even mentioned BT Openreach, Glass Eye or GSK yet! A great day all round thanks to the generosity of all the participating organisations, and not least Cisco for hosting the event.