TeenTech City of Tomorrow Showcase at The Emirates.

Thousands of students across the UK have enjoyed developing their projects for the 2018 TeenTech City of Tomorrow and on Monday, 240 young people had the opportunity to share their models and ideas with leading tech and engineering companies at the national showcase event held at The Emirates Stadium.

Winning schools are listed at the end of this post.

Students were able to participate in a workshop designed by lead sponsor Microsoft where they designed their own solutions to road safety using the BBC micro:bit.

Hugh Milward, Director of Corporate, External and Legal Affairs, Microsoft UK said: “We need to empower the young people of today to create the world of tomorrow. TeenTech provides real-world STEM experiences that are hands-on, creative and collaborative, building the confidence to forge a future in STEM. It’s fantastic to see the incredible ideas the students create through TeenTech – their unbounded imagination is inspiring. Our employees get involved in events like TeenTech because they see the tremendous value role-models can provide to young people making decisions about their futures.”

Students participated in a workshop designed by lead sponsor Microsoft. During the workshop, students designed their own solutions to road safety using the BBC micro:bit.

Lead supporter Atkins, who have provided mentors for school workshops and support for students, will be working with students who won the overall “kinder” building to produce a virtual model, capturing their environmentally friendly ideas.

Workshops were also led by the University of Leicester (who brought their 3D printed skeleton of Richard 111) Air Products, Atkins, Rolls Royce, Bloodhound, Kier, Willmott Dixon, MoD, Heathrow and Thames Water.

Speaking about the event, Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport said, “It’s fantastic to see TeenTech bringing some of our brightest minds together for a fun and educational event to inspire the next generation of digital leaders. Initiatives like this are crucial in helping students develop the digital, teamwork and problem solving skills they will need as we build a Britain that is fit for the future.”

Students and teachers enthused about the project.

“The judging was really fun and I loved explaining how our building worked.”

“I really enjoyed finding about all the different STEM jobs as it showed you that you can do something really important to help our world in the future.”

“We had four hours of singing on the way down. Every single student said they would do it again, they said they loved it and the range of skills and careers shown was fabulous. I loved Richard III.”

Prof Turi King, Professor of Public Engagement, University of Leicester said: “I am passionate about science and in sharing and communicating this passion so that young people are inspired to achieve and realise their full potential. By sharing the wonder of science, I hope many more people are excited by the world of opportunities it presents.”

Feedback from participating schools showed:

  • 100% of teachers rated our school resources as excellent
  • 100% said the initiative provided a good opportunitiy for teamwork
  • 100% said it encouraged students to think creatively
  • 100% said it increased student awareness of career opportunities in STEM
  • 100% said it encouraged student to consider global issues
  • 100% said it encouraged students to consider local issues
  • 83% said it increased student understanding of the ‘smart’ city


Overall Winners

Best Business Space

  • The Mad Hat Hotel – Horizon Community College
  • Seashore Shopping Centre – Horizon Community College
  • The Bottle – City of London Academy

Best Domestic Space

  • Vetech Circular House – Lancasterian School
  • Hexaflats – Farlingaye High School
  • Upside Down Water Tower – Horizon Community College
  • The Big Brown Building – Eastlea Community School
  • Holly Bush Hill – Alton Convent

Best Education Space

  • Skyscrape School – Dulwich Hamlet
  • Eco Retail – Loughborough Grammar School
  • The Dime – City of London Academy
  • Willow Woods School – Alton Convent

Best Recreational Space

  • Community Recreation – Lancasterian School
  • The Tree – St. Cecilia’s
  • Muller Yoghurt Inn – City of Derby Academy
  • Tricentre – Horizon Community College
  • Tree of Life – City of Derby Academy
  • Everlasting Cinema – Eastlea Community School
  • Rainbow Foster Care – Eastlea Community School

Best Health and Wellbeing Space

  • The Beehive – St. Vincent’s
  • Mouse Mountain – Lancasterian School
  • The Joseph Hospice – Griffithstown
  • Leisures ‘R Us – Alton Convent

Best Outside Space

  • McTree House – City of Derby Academy
  • The Red Velvet Cinema – Alton Convent

Best Mixed Use

  • Teen World – St. Stephen’s Newham
  • Gradient Towers – St. Cecilia’s
  • Kinetic Lounge – City of London Academy
  • ZigZag – Leighton Park School

Most Environmentally Friendly

  • The Shard House – Farlingaye High School
  • Eco Tower – St. Cecilia’s
  • Eco-Pod – Horizon Community College
  • Eco Friendly Residence – Loughborough Grammar School

Most Fun

  • The Tree House – Dulwich Hamlet
  • Fun House – Griffithstown
  • Ice Cream Hotel – St. Cecilia’s
  • Dream Delight – Eastlea Community School
  • The Fun Trouse – Alton Convent

Most Innovative

  • The Spiral Hotel – St. Stephen’s Newham
  • International Airport of Tomorrow – Loreto Grammar School
  • EP Energy Platform – Horizon Community College
  • QEG City – Leighton Park
  • Chestnut House – Alton Convent

Best Constructed

  • House in the Hill – Loreto Grammar School
  • The Apartment of Dreams – City of London Academy
  • Green Manor – Alton Convent
  • Alexis – Alton Convent

Most Accessible

  • The Ultimate – Horizon Community College
  • 5 Star Restaurant – Eastlea Community School