What a brilliant day!

Ascot Racecourse was full of winners on Friday 4th May, as 28 schools across Berkshire tried out the very latest technology and worked alongside over 120 leading engineers, technologists and scientists to tackle a series of exciting challenges.

We’ll have all the official pictures up here soon, along with the report from our team of young journalists but here’s a snapshot of the day.

This picture captures the only time we ask the questions, for our survey on teenage thinking about Science and Technology. We’ll share the full results later but  you won’t be surprised to learn that if students could rescue one piece of technology, the one they won’t be parted from is their mobile phone. The poor old television didn’t even get a look in. Only 3% opted to save that!
And just look at our Ideas Wall at the BEGINNING of the day!! We had to move to another wall by 11am.
TeenTech opens everyone’s eyes.Whether it’s the coding skills needed for app design, the precision engineering behind artificial limbs or the different routes that lead to satisfying and well paid careers.The opportunities for young school leavers were highlighted by BT, whose apprentices designed and ran a brilliant activity where students got to grips with fibre technology and by young Manika Maninder an IT apprentice from QA, who stole the show at the VIP session, showing just what difference a year can make, not only to knowledge but to personal confidence. Damilola Ladeinde from BG Group built on this, overturning all preconceptions by giving a powerful account of just what she loves about process engineering. It was inspiring to see young entrepreneur Yuan Gao, still a student, showcasing his quadcopter kits to enthusiastic teenagers who built and flew the machines themselves.
The imaginative thinking and long hours that went into preparing the brilliant activities for this event will change student lives.
A heartfelt thanks to all our supporting companies, from global to start up, who made the day so very special :  3M, Apple Print, Atkins, AWE, Apps for Good, Agant, BAE Systems, BG Group, Berkshire College of Agriculture, BlackBerry, Blatchfords, Bloodhound, BT, BBC, British Computer Society, Chamber of Shipping, Coaster Club, Cubic Transportation Systems,  E-impirical, EIM Engineering (F1), Institute of Cancer Research, Institute of Directors (South), Intel, JVC, National Physical Laboratory,Nexsan, SeaVision, QA Apprenticeships, Reading CIC, Rickerbys, Sony Europe, Symantec, Syngenta,  Thales, Universal Air, University of Reading, Vodafone, Wolfram Alpha, Wood and Douglas and Xrais.
Our official pics will be up soon but here are a few taken by the team when they were able to tear themselves away from the tech :

Blindfolded and guided remotely by his classmates, this student finds out more about high tech search and rescue from Wood and Douglas

3D binoculars and a television which allows people to watch different programmes at the same time were big hits on the BBC Blue Room stand









Not *too* sure what this is but have a suspicion it could be alive


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