We’re just hours away from the first TeenTech event of 2012 at Berkshire where 300 teenagers from 30 schools across the region will be spending a day exploring the possibilities of working in Science, Technology and Engineering. Helping them do this will be 140 professionals from 30 companies and organisations in what will be a packed day of interactive discovery. Amongst the names showing the latest technologies, discoveries and products will be Sygenta, JVC, Blatchfords, Sony Europe and Universal Air (cool Quadcopter company).

It’s a stunning venue, embodying some very cool engineering and construction technology. It’s exciting just to stand in the space.

The activities at Ascot include our “Design An App” session with Dave Addey of Agant and some Mathematical conundrums from Conrad Wolfram and also the National Physical Laboratory. A team of young Reporters will be hunting down the news from the event and the BBC will be demonstrating that it is possible for two people to watch different programmes on one TV at the same time!

And by tomorrow we’ll have been there and worn the t shirt. We’re all looking forward to a brilliant day. Huge thanks to all our participating companies for the very hard work.