We’ve had lots of schools asking if they can make late entries but the 2013 innovation categories are now being judged ( the projects are just brilliant, so it’s not easy ) . This week we will announce the 30 teams who will go forward to The Royal Society. The TeenTech 2014 Awards will open in the Autumn, so please join in next time.

However, we have decided to extend the date for the Journalism Award until May 20th, so you can submit your entry using the Stage Two Entry form.

The TeenTech Journalism Award is open to 11-16 yr olds and you may enter as an individual or as a team of three. You can enter even if you have already taken part in a different category of the Awards.

There will be a prize of £1000 to the winning school.

Criteria for the Special Journalism category

TeenTech want to encourage young people to report on Science, Technology and Engineering stories. They can choose to tell us about world issues, local issues, their favourite piece of technology, or even report on fun STEM experiments they have seen in school.  If schools are collaborating with students from another country for the Awards, students might consider using the relationship to research and stories together, using an ‘international’ reporter.

The BBC School Report website offers some very helpful advice for young journalists and is well worth reading. http://www.bbc.co.uk/schoolreport/

Judging criteria:

We will be looking for:

Stories that come alive in the telling and are accessible to people who may not understand anything about the subject area

      Good use of appropriate media

      Well written or well produced stories

      Factual accuracy

      A sense that the student has understood the topic

      Good use of research, preferably original research, to inform the story

 Students should upload their work by May 20th . They can enter a web report, a text piece, three minute video or three minute audio piece or a combination of media.

The maximum length of any media is:

  • Text :Max 1000 words
  • Video: Max 3 minute
  • Audio: Max 3 minute


We will select three finalists who will be invited to the TeenTech Awards Ceremony and invited to report on the day using the media of their choice. They will be supported in this activity and there will be an Award for the Best Journalist.