What a  fantastic day! As one of our judges remarked, ‘You could sense the energy from the street outside as teenagers laden with prototypes walked along looking for where to go’

Over 270 schools took part in the 2019 TeenTech Awards, all schools have access to mentors, innovation days and festivals to provide inspiration and support. Finalists came from all over the UK (and Hungary) and 108 of the 159 finalists were girls.

We’ll have lots of pictures and videos from the day coming up here soon but here are the show stopping products,innovations and ideas that topped the list for 2019:

The Future of Health sponsored by GSK

Nicole, The Shower Safety System

A a sensor to help disabled people who are unable to shower safely without supervision. It picks up the movement of you showering or washing your hair and, whilst it detects movement, the shower will stay on. However if the sensor stops detecting move-ment the shower will stop and turn off and an alarm will sound via an app to your parents/carers phone so they can check you are safe. 

Research and Information Literacy – sponsored by CILIP

Leyla, Gardening to Save the Planet

YOU can help save the planet. Chose plants that provide a carbon sink to include in your garden and take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. 

Future of Music, Media and Entertainment sponsored by JVCKenwood

Joint winners:

Catrin and Isabel for Facetitles

Facetitles is an app where you can live-video call people with subtitles as you speak. It is useful for businesses, people with hearing or speaking disabilities and for everyday life. The subtitles can be translated into different languages and also can interpret basic sign language. 

Ethan, Nahum and Oliwier for M-Bot 

An augmented Reality t-shirt/video game. Using a smartphone app you can scan the t-shirt to active an AR video game. The purpose is to help children socialize more by going outside to find people

Tech For Good sponsored by Lloyds Bank 

Global Glass

A smart translator which will work on smart glasses for seamless integration with day to day life. The de-vice will act as personal translator for spoken and written language, perfect for travel allowing you to travel anywhere without having to worry about the language barrier. 

Frankie and Beatrice for Untyped

UNTYPED is a flashcard making revision app. It can either scan your textbook, type out your flashcards or you can speak your flashcards to it. Our app is mainly aimed at people with learning disabilities such as dyslexia and people who are partially blind or deaf. However, anyone can use our app to help them revise

Wearable Technology sponsored by Rolls Royce 

Abel and Benedek for Sunny

We love sunbathing and are very healthy. However, irresponsible sunbathing and sunburn causes severe skin problems. But it’s over! Our invention to measure how radiation reaches the skin will help protect you. 

Safety and Security sponsored by Symantec

Hugo and Oscar for Keyless Car Protection

KCP is a new and innovative way to stop a new type of keyless car theft epidemic which is spreading out of control. Our project is focused on making a cost effective and environmentally friendly way of protecting ones car. 

Digital Skills sponsored by FDM

Global Glass A smart translator which will work on smart glasses for seamless integration with day to day life. The de-vice will act as personal translator for spoken and written language, perfect for travel allowing you to travel anywhere without having to worry about the language barrier. 

Data Science sponsored by Accenture 

Sida, Speedboat

A mobile app that detects road signs in front of a vehicle and informs the driver of the information. The current prototype (available on the play store) uses image manipulation and machine learning to ensure a driver is as safe as possible. 

Design and Construction sponsored by Atkins 

Saskia, Ben and Polina, Descalator

Descalator is a down-only escalator. It uses the potential energy of people in buildings to generate elec-tricity as they descend stairways. It can be installed to existing stairways and would be used in offices, shopping centres, railway stations, school etc. 

Future of Food 

Maya, Harshini and Ingrid for Visi-Bowl

Looking at homeware, the idea is a revolutionary bowl, designed with sensors to help visually impaired diners eat with ease. It alerts the user with buzzers when the bowl is almost full or empty to prevent spill-ages and food wastage, large problems in dining currently for those with visual impairments 

Future of Transport

Lara, Talia and Aqsa for Aerotrans

Aerotrans is a fast and cheaply manufactured, safe, extreme-speed air transport that runs on jet-style hy-pergol. By riding this, you have the ability to travel virtually anywhere in a controlled but high-speed envi-ronment with no wait time and no fuss. 

Energy and Environment 

Madison, Aimee and Abbey for Plant Shower Plant shower is a fully automated plant watering system built into a household plant pot. If it detects that the soil is dry it will add water. It connects to an app which lets you monitor the condition each plant and alerts you if you need to top up the water reserve.

Fashion and Retail 

Joint Winners :

Robin,Chiara and Irina for ECO

ECO is an eco-friendly fashion app with a personal avatar for efficient shopping. Customers can create a realistic avatar of themselves by entering their measurements and uploading photos. All the products come from eco-friendly brands that use sustainable materials, such as organic cotton and no polyester. 

Mannix, Jamie and Nathan, Swap A Ball

Swap-A-Ball is a customizable football. It lets you remove and add a new cover to keep the ball looking fresh, to personalize, to suit a variety of playing surfaces and to increase the longevity of the ball itself. 


Joint winners:

Jean Baptiste, Aquagen Poer Pack

A low cost and easy to fit device which can utilise the energy from falling water in downpipes to generate electricity via the AquaGen PowerPack module and battery coupling. In remote areas it can be adapted for use at rivers. 

Eve for The Bee-Bath

The design and development of an environmental product using 3D CAD CAM rapid prototyping

Future of Education

Lauren, Alessia and Louise for PROjector The PROjector – an affordable, portable, desk top piece of technology that can project a word directly onto a person’s work so that they can trace or copy the letters. Any combination of text / paper can be used to best suit the user.

Best Innovation – Concept 

Natasha, Refugee Furniture

I researched into current issues surrounding the refugee living solution and decided to focus in on refugee furniture. The furniture I am designing aims to be understandable with no tools or training required to as-semble it. It will take advantage of rapid modern manufacturing systems like the CNC router. 

Best Innovation, Model or Prototype

Chloe, Freya & Melissa, ARTIOS

We are Artios and we have designed a micro-fluidic paper-based analytical device to test the concentra-tions of the key components of breast milk. Our test produces a colorimetric assay which can provide clear, fast and accurate results. We hope our product can be used to reduce malnutrition in premature ba-bies around the world. 

Best Research 

Joint Winners:


I did research into a high cholesterol gene that has been inherited through the generations of my family and caused my relatives to die young of a heart attack. As a result of this research I found out my chances of inheriting the gene and used my research to design an app so other people could also research their genetics 


I am investigating different chronic illnesses to see if there is a link between them. I want to see how likely it is that someone with one illness will have another 

People’s Choice

Leura and Chloe for Diving Dustbin The design and development of an environmental product to help collect waste plastic from our oceans. 

Teacher of The Year

Natalie Stewart