teentech-27-ChristianFisher-packingWith the help of our brilliant sponsors, exhibitors and supporters we’re able to run even more events this year to cope with the demand from schools for places. Last year over 300 schools came to TeenTech, this year we’re set to reach over 400. Every event is carefully planned in collaboration with regional businesses and supported by global, national and start-up companies. We want young people to see just how varied the opportunities within Science, Engineering and Technology can be.

Here’s our plan for 2013. If you want to attend one of our events either as a school or as a business, please contact us, [email protected]. We’d love to see you there!


Staffordshire , Uttoxeter Racecourse, March 12th

Swansea,  Liberty Stadium,  9th May

Hampshire, Basingstoke , June 18th

Berkshire, Newbury Racecourse, June 28th

Sheffield Region,Doncaster Racecourse, July 9th

Humber Region, KC Stadium, Hull July 11th

School Summer Holidays

TeenTech Ireland, Derry, Sept  13th/14th

Kent  Tonbridge, Sept 26th

South Gloucestershire (Oct 2013)

Manchester, Oct 23rd

Surrey, Nov 13th 2013

East London, Olympic Site, Nov 27th

Coventry and Warwickshire ( Nov/December)