The venue for our first event in Folkestone was the Leas Cliff Hall, which nestles on the cliff offering a panoramic view over the beach with spectacular views along the coast. Not that we had much time for gazing at the scenery. Teenagers and teachers were engrossed in the science, technology and engineering activities which our marvellous supporting companies and organisations had brought along.Our TeenTech partner, EBP Kent ran the day to help teenagers understand the real career opportunities in the future.

Pfizer ran a full scale forensic lab – challenging the students to work out the properties of four tablets that looked identical to the eye.

Queen Mary’s University College, London had them hacking musical instruments:



The long established engineering company, Megger, just down the road in Dover, devised a clever activity routing power across an electricity network. Success was rewarded by some satisfying electrical sparking and crackling, all safely contained in an insulated box of course!


The ever popular Ideas Wall (ideas mean prizes!) drew a staggering number of entries – here a young inventor explains his concept to Maggie: