Softwire is an independent software company with offices in London, Manchester and Cambridge. We deliver innovative, high quality software solutions in a range of markets with clients including the BBC, government departments and Google DeepMind. Our staff are among the smartest and happiest in the industry and they grow with us, learning diverse technologies and pursuing the type of work they find most interesting.

Our work with TeenTech

We work with TeenTech because we share the belief that anyone of any background can pursue a career in technology. We are always eager to speak with students to highlight the broad range of opportunities available and draw attention to the various pathways into the industry. Through interesting, hands-on challenges we are looking forward to sharing an insight into our work, whilst simultaneously getting students excited about the future of technology and showing that they can have a part in shaping it.

Working with us

We are looking for interns and apprentices who have a passion for solving real world challenges and who have a positive, can-do attitude. Ready to interact with a wide range of individuals, candidates should be excited about building things that make a difference.

Our interns can expect to be part of a small team creating a commercial-grade application under the guidance of experienced developers. The project might be for a client, or it might be pro bono work or addressing a need within Softwire.

As an apprentice at Softwire, you’ll get a thorough introduction to commercial software development on one of the best training programmes in the business. Over the course of two years you will gain knowledge in a variety of technologies across diverse projects. Our interns and apprentices are provided with ongoing training and support every step of the way.