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At Milton Keynes College Group, we’re proud to welcome learners of all levels and deliver exceptional education in all areas. Milton Keynes College, South Central IoT and MKC Commercial offer a full range of qualifications, study programmes, apprenticeships and Higher Education to full and part-time students. We’re also one of the largest providers of prison education.

We know that education has the power to build fairer futures for all, and we know that we can’t create real change on our own. That’s why we work with employers to ensure that our learners develop the skills that their industries need, as well as partnering with local charities and community groups to make a difference in our local communities.

Product Engineer at Network Rail

Our work with TeenTech

Milton Keynes College Group works with TeenTech to deliver a Festival in Milton Keynes as we have seen how these events shift students’ perceptions across the day. The Festivals get great feedback from the employers, ambassadors and teachers who attend so it’s very easy to commit to TeenTech each year.


We are the largest provider of education to Milton Keynes’ residents. Our courses are aligned very closely to local, regional, and national skills priorities – employers’ are routinely involved in the design and implementation of our curriculum to ensure that what is taught to our learners aligns with their skills needs. 33% of 16 to 19-year-olds from Milton Keynes study at the College, and 10% of apprenticeships in MK are with the College. As well as providing pathways into apprenticeships, and employment, we also support around 500 learners each year to move onto studying at university.