Getting Involved

How can I help?

There are many different ways to support TeenTech.

We would love to have you involved. You could:

  • run an interactive stand or a challenge at one or more of our large scale festivals
  • volunteer as an ambassador
  • mentor students in our TeenTech Award programme
  • join an industry panel
  • become an event or award sponsor
  • join a regional steering group

Festival days

Festivals run in Milton Keynes, Bristol, Leicester, London, Manchester, South Yorkshire, Glasgow, Hull, Lancashire, Hampshire and Cardiff, and we’re always adding more!

TeenTech Festivals are a collaborative effort, and you can make a real difference by running an interactive stand or becoming a sponsor. Show students exactly what it means to work for your company and the skills you need from future employees. Give them first-hand information they will find hard to get elsewhere.

Run a Workshop
Students relish the opportunity to try out practical experiments and challenges which are often squeezed out of the school timetable. It’s a powerful way to show them that science, engineering and technology often rely on creativity, teamwork and inspiration. It’s not all about labs and white coats.

Become a TeenTech Sponsor
If your business needs to recruit the best technical skills in the UK, be proactive in supporting talent. By sponsoring students to attend TeenTech events, you are directly affecting your future skills resource at the same time as finding a beneficial recipient for your CSR budget.

Click here to learn more about TeenTech Festivals
Click here to support a TeenTech Festival

TeenTech Awards

Our award programme runs year-round and you could provide valuable feedback and insight to our young teams. Over 300 schools across the UK participate every year.

TeenTech has time and again discovered that it is the young people that teachers sometimes discount that actually shine with our programmes and we actively seek out to work with those young people; not the ones that schools already have ear-marked as those that will succeed, but the disadvantaged that we can mentor to greater achievements. Using our mentors we can develop the lives of those considered to be “problem students” as their skills are often the ones that organisations actually seek out and can grow.

In school workshops

In Derby, Oldham, Stoke , Leicester, London, Bristol and Manchester we run in-school workshops. Industry volunteers are always welcome to join us.

Sponsor a TeenTech event

We rely on sponsorship from businesses to inspire the next generation and we want you to be a part of supporting and developing the talent of the future for your industry. We have a range of sponsorship opportunities and packages which can be tailored to your organisation and to fit marketing and CSR budgets.

Please contact us to find out more: [email protected]



  • Winner, Best Engineering Event in National Science and Engineering Week 2010
  • Winner, Best Outreach and Communication 2012, WISE
  • Winner, Promotion of Engineering Design Award 2014, IED
  • TeenTech CEO Maggie Philbin voted Most influential woman in IT in 2016, Computer Weekly

Participant experiences

“Over the past two years TeenTech has had an overwhelming impact on how our subject is viewed by both staff and pupils in the school. It has had a direct effect on the uptake of our subject in the senior school”
Teacher, Scotland 

“We have over 130 young women now involved in extra-curricular STEM activities! TeenTech has a MAJOR part to play in this. I spoke to the students about why they love TeenTech. They love the fact that they can discuss ideas and work collaboratively, letting their imaginations run wild without the restrictions that occur in lessons.”
Teacher, Cheshire  

“This was a fantastic event, we will be back next year”

“I will tear up my lesson plans as result of what I have seen. Thank you for a day that will help us make lessons more relevant”
Teacher, Humberside

Events like TeenTech City provide an experience that is hard to reproduce in the classroom and really gives pupils a taste of what having a STEM career could be like. It is great to be part of something that really pushes the importance of technology subjects out to young people in such a fun and engaging way”
Teacher, London