STEM resources

Here are some fabulous BBC Learning Zone STEM resources for Primary and Secondary students



You Too Can Be An Absolute Genius

Fran Scott meets brilliant young inventors from around the country and gets top tips on how to come up with a great invention. She tries out their genius inventions, including a swimsuit that mimics the skin of sharks to an automatic fire extinguishing gadget that fits onto a kitchen tap.


Cracking the Code      

Minna Kane and her team of young hackers explore the world of computer programming  in a special new series for primary aged children.  They meet the visual effects artists who work on Doctor Who, test out Formula One racing simulators, play football with robots, and meet a man who has sent his miniature computer into space.   Back in the classroom, Minna and the children try out a range of exciting programming activities linked to these real world coding adventures.


Absolute Genius with Dick and Dom (reversion)

Looking at some of the break through inventions from history. A reversion of their CBBC series.


Life on Planet Ant

Professor Adam Hart is joined by a team of primary school scientists to explore the fascinating underground world of a Leaf Cutter Ant colony.


After Life: Rot Box Detectives (reversion)

Dr George McGavin and a team of young science detectives investigate rot and decay.


Wonders of Nature          

A series of 20 inspirational short films celebrating wildlife and the natural world.


Curious Cat

Curious Cat’s Science is a Key Stage One Science series that introduces 5 -7 year olds to the world of science and discovery, exploring where things come from, and how they are made, including  paper, glass, electricity and even television


Counting with Rodd

A unique way of teaching numbers to preschoolers and infants. Rodd Christensen shows viewers how to play with and recognise the numbers 1 to 10 – and how to do basic addition and subtraction.


Eco Maths (KS2 + KS3)

New way of showing how maths is used in the real world to help create a sustainable future.


Bloodhound Adventure

The science behind the exciting Bloodhound project to build the fastest car in the world.


Planet Dinosaur

Engineer Jem Stansfield explores the amazing world of Planet Dinosaur. He introduces a whole new cast of prehistoric creatures, many discovered in the last 20 years.


Let’s Do Maths

Lesson starters for teachers of Key Stage 2 maths, exploring space, shape and measure.


Little Stargazing

Exploring the moon, stars and beyond with young children and their families.


Stargazing Challenges

Jem Stansfield and a team of young astronomers carry out a series of stellar challenges set by Blue Peter presenters.




Beneath the Lab Coat

TV presenter Rani Price explores existing and future aspirational careers involving science, meeting young men and women working at the cutting edge of fashion, food, rocket science and computer chip technology.


The Science of Space Dive

Short films explain how science made possible Felix Baumgartners amazing leap into the unknown.



Music, Mud and Making Money

Radio 1’s Greg James gets tips on entrepreneurship, looking at the businesses involved with music festivals.


Made of Money

Radio1 Newsbeat journalist Adina Campbell helps young people take control of their cash by creating a budget, finding a bargain, understanding debt and APR, and starting to save


Alchemist’s Apprentice

Cambridge chemist Dr Peter Wothers offers 12 Key Stage 3 students the unique opportunity to join him in his laboratory for a master class exploring the four ancient elements: Water, Earth, Air and Fire – with explosive results.


Royal Institute Christmas Lectures (2012)


The Code (reversion)

Each film begins with a mystery that will be explained by a mathematical concept, taking viewers on an odyssey to uncover the code and reveal its meaning. Presented by Professor Marcus du Sautoy.


Wonders of Life (reversion)

Ep 1-Prof Brian Cox explores how Earth became host to the incredible natural world we see today.

Ep 2-Prof Brian Cox explains how life is shaped by both the environment and the laws of nature.

Wonders of the Universe (reversion)

Professor Brian Cox witnesses the wonders of the universe through some of the most breathtaking environments on Earth. In the process, he reveals how the most fundamental scientific principles and laws explain not only the story of the universe, but the story of us all.


Five short videos from real life work settings about about how computers actually work.


3, 2, 1 Go!

3 2 1 Go! takes kids into the mathematical world that underpins their favourite sport. Versions for Key 3


Materials: How they Work

Scientist Mark Miodownik reveals the fascinating world of metals, ceramics and plastics.


Bitesize Space Science

Jon brings alive a series of fun and engaging demonstrations introducing the subject of space science to Scottish Nationals and GCSE pupils.


Inside the Human Body (reversion)

Using spectacular graphics based on the latest science and stories of remarkable people around the world, Michael Mosley takes us on a fantastic voyage through our inner universe.


Orbit: Earth’s Extraordinary Journey (reversion)

Presenters Kate Humble and Dr Helen Czerski follow the earth’s voyage around the sun for one complete orbit, to witness the astonishing consequences this journey has for us all.