If you came to TeenTech at the KC Stadium in Hull,  the first thing you might like to do is to check out our photos!  All 293 of them. Thank you Neil! If your school or company participated you are welcome to ask Neil for pictures. Please acknowledge TeenTech and Neil if you use them elsewhere.

30 schools from across the East and West Riding spent a day meeting some of the top engineers and scientists  in the UK who brought some very cool technology and fun experiments. There was a chance to weld in chocolate, design and ride a skeleton bob and find out how you might get dressed for work in a modern pharmaceutical company.

The students may have arrived with some very outdated ideas of what it might be like to work in STEM industries but by the end of the day they had a much sharper focus on all the possibilities . They also understood how apprenticeships aren’t something you do because you can’t do anything else – they had a taste of the wide range and promising careers paths on offer.

It was a chance to see how the world of work is very different to the one their parents may have experienced. There’s no such thing as a low tech industry and having the right skills makes all the difference. Many of the teachers said they learnt as much as the students, getting a fresh perspective on technology and recognising new ways of bringing lessons up to date.

Many congratulations to all our prizewinners who included:

Ideas Wall

Overall winner   Annie from Bridlington School

“There will be a machine in which doctors can briefly switch lives with the patient. If there is something wrong, they can feel it.”

Runners Up  

Holly from Malet Lambert  “A shower that doesn’t use water; you stand in it and it dry cleans you. It would save water and time”

Matthew from  North Axholme ” Police Sirens that automatically cut the sound of your car radio so you can hear them”

Katie Rose “A credit card calculator that tells you how many trees you have to plant to balance your carbon footprint”

The IET Award for the Best Skeleton Bob Team      Brumby Engineering College

British Gas Challenge       The Vale School Team B

YOR Build Challenge        Foxhills Technology College