Fancy working in the aerospace industry? There are more than 230,000 opportunities in the UK – it’s much bigger than most people think.

TeenTech Award students in the South West recently had the opportunity to explore one of the most significant sites –  the satellite earth station at Goonhilly  on the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall, where the UK received  the first ever trans-Atlantic satellite TV images, broadcast by Telstar, on 11 July 1962.

Today  Goonhilly is fully operational as a satellite communications teleport, carrying business internet data, and also is used as a command and control centre gateway for controlling various satellites.

At the moment it’s closed to visitors so this was a special day organised to help students really think big with their TeenTech ideas. Amongst the activities they tried their hand at was tracking a weather satellite as it passed overhead, and also rotating and tilting a 400 tonne Antenna. They then rounded off the day with a really successful brainstorming session to develop ideas for their TeenTech Awards projects.