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Wednesday 13th November 2024 (With a TeenTech Live Virtual Event on Wednesday 16th October 2024)


We are delighted to be returning to Sussex in Autumn 2024 for our second TeenTech Sussex Festival, and we are delighted to partner with the West Sussex, Brighton and Hove Careers Hub, a part of the Careers & Enterprise Company’s (CEC) national network of Careers Hubs, to deliver this experience.

This event will bring together students across the region for an exciting interactive programme helping young people understand the range of opportunities across digital, science and technology and the many different entry points.

A virtual innovation session will precede the in-person event at the Amex Stadium in Brighton to enable schools to involve as many Year 8/Year 9 students as they wish.

We have a limited number of places available for this special day and early booking is recommended.

TeenTech Sussex Festival

Watch last year’s TeenTech Sussex Festival highlights video, which captures the day’s excitement, and get ready for TeenTech Sussex 2024!

There are two parts to the experience: Schools can engage as many students as they wish in the virtual event (Session 1) and then choose ten students to represent their school on the festival day (Session 2). We recommend schools sign up for both the virtual session and the festival but it’s not compulsory.

Session 1 – Virtual

Wednesday 16th October 2024 – 9:30am – 10:30am

Students will be able to access a TeenTech Innovation Live session with leading employers showcasing exciting aspects of their work. Students will be able to ask questions and will then have the option of developing a mini-project. Schools can involve as many students as they wish in this session.

This session is open to as many students as you like. This could be an entire class, or year group.

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Session 2 – Festival Day

Wednesday 13th November 2024 – Full Day

Schools are invited to bring a mixed-ability group of students for a sharply focussed full-day event at the Amex Stadium in Brighton where they will take part in exciting challenges and hands-on activities and network with employers who will give feedback on their project ideas. Schools can bring a mixed-ability group of 10 students to this day. It’s a day that changes minds – especially those who may never have previously considered a career in science or technology!

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We have a limited number of places available for this special day and early booking is recommended. We highly recommend you register for both parts of the Festival programme.

What is a TeenTech Festival?

TeenTech Festivals are highly interactive and designed to inspire young teenagers and their teachers about the contemporary industries shaping their future.

These TeenTech events give students and teachers from across a region the opportunity to try their hand at immersive challenges and experiments, to handle cutting edge technology and, most importantly, to spend time with engineers, technologists and scientists from a wide range of companies influencing their 21st-century lives.

An Opportunity to Innovate

Pupils will work in teams, in roles aligned with a start-up company, to become the inventors of tomorrow in an hour-long workshop and challenge! Students will be designers, developers and marketing experts, using sensors, data and cutting edge technology, to tackle real-world problems! Following the TeenTech Festival, all students will have the opportunity to develop their ideas further and enter the TeenTech Awards.

Industry Insights

Pupils will meet, and talk to real-world innovators, large technology companies, and industry leaders. Pupils get an understanding of the industry, and can participate in simulated tasks that illustrate the real work that goes into science and technology. They will also interact with regional companies, showcasing the wide range of exciting science, technology and engineering companies that the students may not know exist.


Pupils will compete in simulated tasks that demonstrate real world work by major science and technology companies, and prizes are awarded. This is a chance to experience innovations in science, technology and engineering, and a chance to show students that they have the skills required to be successful in these areas.

Support this TeenTech Festival

If you are a company, university or organisation that would like to run an activity or provide ambassadors at this festival, please register and we will send you full details.