My career began at the BBC and it was only when I joined that I understood the  many different opportunities within the organisation.

It often comes as a surprise that the BBC has so many entry levels in tech  for apprentices as well as graduates. As some of the closing dates are coming up I thought it might be helpful to provide links to some of the schemes.

Locations include: Belfast, Birmingham,Cardiff, Glasgow, London, Salford,  Nottingham, Plymouth

They provide a powerful pathway into broadcast careers – and are obviously  always completely up to date. Do consider applying and alert young people to them. If you have a disability you will also have the option to go through our Extend Hub when you apply.

Broadcast Engineering Apprenticeship Scheme  – closes on 18/12/18

Broadcast Engineering Graduate Scheme –  – closes on 17/12/18

Research and Development Industrial Placement Scheme –  – closes on 03/01/19

Research and Development Graduate Scheme –  – 03/01/19

Software Engineering Graduate Scheme  – closes on 07/01/19

UX Design Trainee Scheme –  – closes on 30/04/19

Data Science Degree Apprenticeship –  – closes on 07/01/19

And don’t ever think – ‘I don’t know enough, I’m not good enough’ – the key requirements are an interest in tech and being keen to learn. I often think back to that box numbered ad I read while I was still a student. Applying for the opportunity changed my entire life.