We’re not quite sure we can tell but we do know it will be on its way to TeenTechCity on Monday. It’s just one of the science, technology and engineering challenges in store for 150 students from across East London in a brilliant venue overlooking the Olympic Park.

Many companies will be reflecting the skills and technology behind the Olympic Games, from the structure of stadiums to communication technology.

Students will also be running their own high tech newsroom, operating cameras, vision mixing and editing. So watch this space for the inaugural TeenTechNews. Many thanks to the London Crewing company for supporting this terrific activity.

GlassEye, GSK, E-mpirial (3D printing) Sugru ,Pave Gen will be running running lively interactive stands alongside London Underground, Canary Wharf Group, Cisco, Lee Tunnel Project (Thames Water) , Thomson Reuters, Atkins Global, BT Openreach and the BBC.  These companies all share the need for skilled people and are keen to encourage young people in their area to develop the right skills to take advantage of the exciting opportunities.

3D printing will be at TeenTechCity



Cisco,Student Beans, Floxx, Gymdeck, GroupSetUp, Softwire, City University, SwapIt are all providing ambassadors to small groups of students, spending the day with them and competing alongside them in all the challenges and competitions.