Notes for Teachers

The TeenTech Awards are designed to be as open as possible – so you have complete freedom to use it to support aspects of the curriculum if you wish to do so.  It is a powerful year-round opportunity to develop student potential and showcase qualities that are appreciated by both employers and further education.

The Awards help students with no previous serious interest see the relevance of STEAM subjects as well as providing a creative opportunity for keen students. One school has seen the number of students choosing D&T increase by 300% over the five years they have participated, another saw the number of girls choosing GCSE physics soar to 87.5% in 3 years. The Awards ignite real enthusiasm for computing and the applied sciences.

The process enables students to gain experience and confidence in the skills needed for the contemporary workplace. TeenTech students to stand out from the crowd. We have a suggested structure for schools, colleges, home learners and companies to follow to ensure the whole process is of real value for every student who takes part – not just those who reach the final or win their category.

Entries must be made from a UK, Eire or International school on behalf of teams of up to three students.  The TeenTech Awards are for students from 11 to 16 years old (Years 7 to 11) and 17 to 19 years (Years 12 to 13) working individually, or in teams of up to three.

Throughout the programme, we provide access to our Innovation Sessions, which are carefully designed to run alongside the category subjects to inspire ideas that can be submitted into the TeenTech Awards.  We also provide exciting mentors to all schools – whether you would like help immediately to identify promising areas or support on how to further develop an idea.


Registration (Stage 1) – Before the end of January

Submission of Innovation Log (Stage 2) – End of Spring Term

TeenTech Awards Final – Mid-June

To gain access to this programme you must first register here.  We will then follow up with all associated resources to get you started.