TeenTech Awards 2023 Supporters Resources

Social Media

We want to make the best use of social media to amplify the hard work of students, teachers and to highlight the collaboration with you, our lead sponsors. 

What we need from you now


  1. A quote on why you are supporting TeenTech which we can use on our website, in the TeenTech Awards programme and over social media. Please email this to [email protected].

Social Media

Leading up to the TeenTech Awards, we will publish a blog on our website with the list of finalists, with project names and first names of students. This blog will also contain quotes from our lead sponsors as above.

We will also be sharing videos for each TeenTech Awards category with supporter quotes and student quotes and we’d be thrilled if you could share these to your followers.

The hashtag for the TeenTech Awards is simply #teentechawards and we will largely be posting on TwitterFacebookInstagram and LinkedIn.