Wearable Technology

✔ For students in years 7-11

This category is as open as you wish to make it! You could consider smart bags, glasses, clothing, artificial limbs, exoskeletons…

Could wearable technology help provide an early alert to COVID symptoms? Consider the privacy implications of such technology. There’s a thought-provoking article here about Oakland University and their ‘BioButton’ technology.

Here are some forms of wearable technology you should know about.

Here’s another article by Christan Defeo on how wearable devices help marketers join the dots. 

Mashable always have stimulating pieces on the latest technology, including wearables. http://mashable.com/category/wearable-tech/

And students working with TeenTech have been fascinated by the technology behind artificial limbs. Have a look at the engineering behind the performances in the Paralympic Games here.

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